Secrets of Self Made Millionaires: The Way To Dream Big And Grow Rich

Do you know one of the secrets of self made millionaires?  They dream big and pursue them until they succeed


Do you know that you can also dream big ?  Because  it’s a God given talent that you possess.


The main reason why many people have big dreams  and fail to accomplish them is because they do nothing about them.


What separates self made millionaires from the rest is-that they have the capacity to dream big dreams.

Self made millionaires also pursue their dreams persistently until they  come true.


In order to show you how to dream big and grow rich…we need to examine the lives of individuals who have accomplished their dreams.


The best way to find out how  you can dream big-and make them come true- is to study the  biographies of self made millionaires.


Let’s look at the biography  of an individual who became a  self made millionaire in the twentieth century by pursuing his dreams in business.


This individual built wealth and made a huge impact on the global economy  pursuing his dreams


The farm boy whose dream  transformed our global economy


One of the greatest icons of business is Henry Ford.  Ford was an American industrialist and founder of the Ford motor company.

Ford is credited with helping to transform the American and global economy through the innovations in transportation


Henry Ford’s achievement started with a big dream that he relentlessly pursued from an early age.


Ford’s big dream was:  to make the automobile affordable to the common man so  life  could be easier for them.


Ford’s dream to invent a cheap mass-produced automobile came from his early childhood experiences on the farm.


He had a passion for machines and believed that machines could ease the life of a farmer by replacing farm animals.


At age 17 Ford left the farm to pursue his dream in Detroit and the rest is history.


There are books already written about the biography of Henry Ford, which you can read so I will not tell you more about him.


The reason I mentioned Ford is that he had a big dream that many people in his time thought  impossible to achieve.


But Henry ford had the courage to pursue his dreams to build an automobile that will ease the life of working class Americans.


The result of Henry Ford’s dream is that he became a self-made millionaire and left a legacy for his family’s future generation.


He also made our world a better place to live.


Can you imagine a world without automobiles?


Forbes magazine estimates that  Ford’s would be worth  $118 billion  in today’s money.


Here are the most important points about dreaming big dreams  that  you can apply to your personal and business lives


Find a vocation you can be passionate about:


Henry Ford had a passion for building machines at an early age.

His passion for machine kept him tinkering with machines that he developed the first affordable mass-produced automobile.


Do you have something you are passionate about?  Do you think you can build a great business from what you are passionate about?


Align your dream to a higher purpose:


Henry Ford’s dream took on  a larger than life  meaning when he made the dream bigger than himself.

He wanted to  build a car that was affordable for every family in America.


He succeeded because his  dream had improved the life of many  working class families  and  the global economy.


Find an environment that nurtures your dream:


Henry Ford left his hometown at age 17 to work in Detroit. Ford’s breakthrough came from working in Detroit because it was the center of  manufacturing..

Henry Ford would have not achieved  his dreams  if he had stayed back on the farm.


The moral of this that : when you have a dream, you need to locate the right environment that will foster your dreams.


In other words,  you should hang around with like-minded individuals that will help you achieve your dreams.


For example if you want to become a writer you need to join a community of writers.


If you want to be a fashion designer then you need to work  in a place that nurtures your dream of becoming a designer


Never put a time limit to your dreams:


Henry Ford had a dream to democratize the automobile. He had many setbacks before achieving his dreams.


The only  thing that kept Ford going was that he never gave up on his dream


In the same manner , when you don’t have  a time limit on achieving your dreams-you’ll eventually achieve them.


The  greatest mistake you can make when you dream big is to give your dreams a deadline.

That is why you hear people say words like “ I want to be a millionaire by forty”…. “A  fool at 40 is a fool forever”


These myths are not  truth because dreams don’t have deadline.


As long as you are alive you can pursue your dreams.


Dare to dream big dreams and grow wealthy