Hard Work And Dedication
Are The Keys To Success

One important rule when creating an investment portfolio:

Mindset is everything.

My Approach To Growth

My name is Dr Akinniyi Osho. Welcome to The Investing Mindset.

I am a family physician and an active investor, who is passionate about helping others develop their potential.

My first business failed because I lacked the knowledge and information about the attitudes and traits I needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

I discovered, through trial and error, attending several seminars and investing in real estate that the mindset of an investor is connected to one’s chances of building wealth. This means in other words that your attitudes and thinking about money and wealth is directly related to whether you’ll achieve financial freedom.

That’s why I founded The Investing Mindset to teach and share my experience  through the Rich Mind newsletter, articles and resources.

Welcome once again and I look forward to helping you develop your inner millionaire.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to help individuals take charge of their future wealth, so they can live the dream life they’ve always wanted.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”
Marcus Aurelius

Years of Experience

My journey in business and investing started shortly after I graduated from Med school – The reality of earning a paltry income and working long hours for the rest of my life pushed me to pursue financial freedom. 

My first business venture was funded with my first 3 months’ salary and money from friends. 

The business, a photocopying and typing service, struggled and lost money until it closed after one year.

This was the beginning of my lessons in business…

I realized early in life that the quickest way to build wealth and become financially free is through entrepreneurship and ownership of income-producing real estate. 

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How To Start Investing

“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.” – Ben Graham Have you have ever wondered why you missed