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My name is Dr Akinniyi Osho. Welcome to The Investing Mindset.

I am a family physician and an active investor, who is passionate about helping others develop their potential.

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The Investing Mindset is a resource hub for aspiring investors of all ages and levels.  The vast collection of articles, guides and tutorials will help you with anything from the basics of how to invest to advanced topics such as income investing.

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Investing For Beginners-The Secret To Becoming A Wealthy Investor

July 19, 2010
When you are starting out as an investor you can get inundated with how to start. There are tons of mutual funds, millions of stock…

Investing For Beginners- The Formula For Getting Rich Easily

July 23, 2010
When you are starting out as a beginner investor, you need to take care not to become overwhelmed with information on strategies techniques, on how to.

How To Get Wealthy Buying Marshland-The Donald Soffer Story

July 14, 2010
Do you know you can get wealthy buying marshland? Yes, you can if you think like Donald Soffer. The story of how the most exclusive.

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