What It Takes To Win Starting Up A Small Business

Do you know that starting up a small business has it own inside secrets?   Starting up a small business

You see to start  business in any industry you need to know what it takes to succeed.


However, in order to become a successful entrepreneur you must develop one important trait that will set you apart from the wannabe and also ran business.


Are you ready to know what you need to succeed as an entrepreneur?  To start a business, you need to develop the ability to fail and bounce every time you fail. You need resilience.


Successful entrepreneurs have resilience.  Entrepreneurs have a mindset that they  can recover every time they fail.


Take Donald Trump, for example, As a result of the economic recession of the eighties, Trump’s company owed over $9 billion corporate debt and at the brink of bankruptcy.  Trump also had personal relationship problems. However,Trump was able to comeback from the brink of disaster because he never gave up.


Walt Disney the creator of Mickey mouse and founder of Disney Inc.  was bankrupt 3 times.  However he never gave up his dream to start a world-class entertainment corporation. That is resilience.


If you look at the business biographies of many more successful entrepreneurs you’ll read about near tragedies, bankruptcies, and setbacks they faced. However the common trend amongst this successful entrepreneur is that they never gave up when they failed at the start of their business.

Resilience is what you need to start a business and win.


You need to have resilience if you are ever going to be a successful small business entrepreneur. Why? Because resilience is necessary ingredients for business success


How do you develop resilience in business?


The first thing you must do is to have a detachment from the outcome of your business mistakes.  You cannot go far as an entrepreneur if you are emotionally attached to making mistakes in business.


Why? You see you need to know that in starting a small business, you’ll not have all the skills, knowledge and funding to make it a home run.   This means that the odds against you success are stacked against you.  The trick to overcoming the odds against you is to learn from your mistakes when you fail and take action at correct your mistakes.


To be a successful small business entrepreneur you need to spend  little time worrying about making mistakes. You need to learn how to quickly move on after you fail and  start work on building your business.


Starting up a small business for an entrepreneur is like giving birth to a child. A business is like your baby. In the same way you’ll  take care of your child- you also need  to spend time working on your business until it gets on a solid footing


This means when you  starting a small business you need to have a long-term vision for the company and work on accomplishing them.  You see if you take long-term perspective towards building your business.  If you are clear about the intention of why you are setting up the business -then temporary setbacks will not stop you- from achieving your objectives.


No matter the small business you choose to start. You need to develop resilience or else you’ll end up being one of the Small Business Administration statistics of businesses that fail in the first 5 years of starting