Autosuggestion: How To Think And Grow Rich With Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion-How To Think and Grow Rich

Do you know you can think and grow rich with autosuggestion?  Really? You may not believe it because it sounds like another New Age woo-woo psychology.

Yes, you can think your way to riches with autosuggestion.  You may have used autosuggestion in the past yourself.

Wait!! Before you move away from this article…

I want you to suspend your disbelief for a minute and hear me out. Because what you are about to read… may be the missing link to accomplishing your desire for financial freedom.

I first heard about autosuggestion when I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my top 10 wealth-building books for anyone serious about becoming financially free.

Why? Think and Grow Rich is a collection of wisdom for personal success that you need to keep as a reference. The core ideas in Napoleon Hill’s writing revolve around seventeen principles for personal success. Hill then gives six practical steps that you can use to make your dream of financial independence come true.

Autosuggestion is one of the steps mentioned as the key to turning the desire for wealth into riches. I admit that I have not given much attention to this step whenever I reread think and grow rich.

Why? Simply because It says something like this “ write down the object of your desire, then read it aloud several times every day until it is impressed in your subconscious mind.” And I don’t want to look embarrassed reading out my dream of owning a Rolls-Royce.

Why is autosuggestion important in transforming dreams into reality? Autosuggestion allows you to feed your subconscious mind by creating a thought about building wealth.

Autosuggestion is a deliberate and active process that allows you to influence your subconscious mind instead of changing your environment. It enables you to become the master of yourself and your environment.

In other words, autosuggestion allows you to control and achieve the outcome you want in the future by working on your mind today.

Many studies support the influence of autosuggestion on our minds. Emile Coue, a French apothecary, was the first person to explore the relationship between the mind and medication. He found that some of his patients felt better when they believed the suggestion that the treatment they received was best for them.

The modern-day version of the study of autosuggestion led to the development of autogenic training by German Psychiatrist Johannes Schultz.

The secret to success in using autosuggestion is mixing your dominant thought with emotion to get into your subconscious mind.

Why? Because the subconscious mind is where you get to transform any thought into becoming a part of your habits and beliefs.

Your subconscious mind is like a plot of land. The thoughts you hold or allow are like seeds. You are like a farmer.

By the law of nature, you can grow good crops or weeds on your land. Passive thoughts (the thoughts you allow without questioning the reason behind them) are like weeds. The thoughts of riches you want to come true are like crops you wish to grow on your farm.

I want you to imagine that your dream without actively pursuing them is like you being a farmer who does not plant any crops on his land and expects a harvest.

Autosuggestion is like when a farmer plants his farm and then actively works to remove weeds so that he produces a bumper crop.

What do you do next? Your ability to use autosuggestion will depend on your ability to focus on your desire to get rich until that desire becomes a stable fixation. In other words, you must make becoming wealthy your number one priority.

Here is how you set about making autosuggestion work:

Write out a statement about how you intend to build wealth.

Your statement must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. You should also write what you plan to do to earn the wealth you want to accumulate.

For example, suppose you desire to make $100,000 by the last day of January five years from now, by investing in real estate and working as a freelance copywriter. Your written statement should read like the following:

By the last day of January 20xx, I will have earned $100,000 in various amounts from different streams of income. I intend to make this money by investing in real estate and providing freelance copywriting to (describe your customers and the service you will offer)

Practice autosuggestion daily.

The next step is you find time during your day to read your statement actively aloud. Bestselling author Brian Tracy says you should write down your goals daily on a notepad without looking to make them stick and increase your chances of achieving them.

Repetition is the secret.

The secret to reading or writing down your desire to build wealth is repetition.

You embed the thoughts in your subconscious mind by writing down or reading your intention daily. And when your wealth-building ideas are deeply rooted in your subconscious, creating wealth becomes automatic.

Develop a system to remind your subconscious mind

You also need to create a system that reminds you to do your daily or weekly autosuggestion of your desire to achieve financial independence. You can set up a reminder on your smartphone or on your tablet. I have a reminder on my cloud calendar that pops out daily on my iPhone and iPad.

Do your autosuggestion with emotion.

You mustn’t practice repeating your goals in an unfeeling manner. Why? Because your subconscious mind is likely to absorb thoughts, you read mixed with emotion.

The more you can “see, touch, and feel” what you desire, the higher the chances they will come true.

I have used autosuggestion in many areas of my life with outstanding success.

I have not used autosuggestion as much as I would like in building wealth. But with my rereading, this chapter of think and grow rich…I understand why I have not achieved my goals as quickly as I would have wanted.

I hope you will find the idea of practicing autosuggestion. Let me know how you get on when you practice thinking and grow rich with autosuggestion.