Secrets of The Millionaire Mind: Why You Need To Take Charge Of Your Future Wealth

One of the secrets of the millionaire mind is that they take responsibility for their financial life.

A person with a millionaire mind never tries to blame others for his misfortune.

He believes that he is in control of his financial life.

He takes responsibility for his actions, learns from his mistake and moves on.


You  must  take responsibility for your actions


The very act of taking responsibility for your actions helps you to-carefully weigh decisions you take in life.

The truth is that many people find it difficult to accept responsibility for their actions.

That is why there are record numbers of lawsuits in the United States of America .

Some the issues are the ones that could have been dealt with  by accepting responsibility.


A real estate attorney spoke about the epidemic of baseless lawsuits at a conference I recently attended.

He talked about a case of a driver who sued Ford Motors for not making his F150 truck safe:

This individual had put his truck on cruise control on a freeway. Then he climbed to the back of his truck to-adjust his caravan at the same time-taking his hands off the driving wheel.

He sued Ford Motors for civil damages because the F150’s cruise control  did not  protect him from crashing.

He never took responsibility for his  reckless action that-endangered his life that of other drivers on the freeway


 A  tale of two doctors  in the same business but two different outcomes


In his book secrets of the millionaire mind, Harv T Eker cited taking responsibility as one main reason why wealthy individuals build wealth.

I believe Harv Eker  knows what he is saying …

Because I have experienced  how taking responsibility for your actions is important  from a personal experience:

My experience comes from my observation of  two of my close friends .

My friends are both doctors. They practice in the same city and they both own their own practices

However when you look closely at their financial status:

One individual is struggling financially.  The other person  is growing wealthy


Why?  One of them is taking responsibility for his financial destiny.

The other person is not facing the reality of his situation

Here’s why…

 Anytime I talk to my physician friend struggling financially about his practice.

He is always giving excuses about why his practice is under performing.

I find my friend’s attitude interesting. Because his practice is located in the heart of  the  business district of his city.

My friend  always complains that he cannot get clients… or that patients cannot afford his fees…and so on and so forth

He is defensive  about why his practice is not growing in the face of so much opportunity in his location.


On the other hand, the  successful physician friend is an optimistic person. He is always full of ideas.

He constantly seek out ways to move his business forward. He readily accepts responsibility for his failings. 

Whenever  he makes a mistake in business, he readily cuts his losses and move on to  other ideas.


When he started his medical practice he faced many obstacles. Yet he did not allow these obstacles to get in the way of starting his practice.

 He started his medical practice on a shoestring . And has grown his business  to the stage that he can hire another partner.

At the same time he has diversified into other related business ventures.


You can see from the story of these two doctors that: taking responsibility is the key to making progress in life.

I have no doubt that my friend with the right attitude will eventually become wealthy

Why? Because I believe he has developed one of the secrets of the  millionaire mind. That is taking responsibility


 The major obstacle to taking responsibility


 The main reason why people do not take responsibility for their lives is because they play the role of the victim.

 If you are confused about whether you are playing this role in your life…

You need to look for the clues…

There  are 3 clues to know you are playing the role of a victim.

The first clue is when you blame others as I have earlier mention.

Next is justifying or rationalizing your situation . And the third is complaining.


If you want to  become wealthy you must be believe that you are in control of your life.

You must believe that you actions have an effect on the direction of your life.

You cannot build wealth by complaining, blaming and justifying your mediocre success.


Here  is what taking responsibility for your life will do for you:

You’ll never have to feel people owe. You’ll stop whining and complaining.

You will focus more on working on your goals to build wealth

Once you have accepted the reality that you are the master of your fate…then building wealth becomes easier.

The journey to financial freedom will seem like a walk in the park