5 Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

Do you know that on average most millionaires started out broke and struggled financially?

In fact, most millionaires started as ordinary folks who faced challenges but learned to overcome them and became wealthy as a result.

You too can become a millionaire.  If you learn the secrets millionaires used to become financially free.

In this article, you’ll learn five secrets of self-made millionaires that you can use to become wealthy and never have to ever worry about money.

Secret #1.  Self-made millionaires dream big and take massive action.


In order to become great you must dream big dreams. You need to dream big dreams.

If you had no limitation, what would you do?

You need to let your imagination run without limitation to…  imagine the kind of life you want to live…when you become wealthy.

Now here is what self-made millionaires do differently when they dream…. they set goal to accomplish their dreams.

You see a goal is a dream with a deadline.

Earl nightingale Bestselling author and motivational speaker   like to define a goal like this:

 “a goal is when you build your castle in the sky and build a foundation under it to support it”.

Bill Gates, self-made billionaire and founder of Microsoft Corporation, had a burning vision to put a desktop computer in every home.

He became wealthy taking action to make his dream come true.

Secret #2.  Self-made millionaires work on their passion.


In a survey done by  Dr. Thomas J. Stanley,  bestselling author of The Millionaire Mind, more than 80% of millionaires  believed the secret to their wealth was down to one thing….

they loved what they were doing.  they were passionate about their vocation .

The truth is that you’ll struggle in business if you are not passionate or  have an interest in a business you start.

If you look at the Forbes list of  self made millionaires  you’ll find that each person  made their fortunes on the back of what they loved doing.

Here are some examples…

Warren Buffet  loves to find undervalued companies and he makes  money buying them.

Bill Gates,  is passionate about  using technology  to make the world a better place.

Donald Trump likes to  build beautiful  houses . He make money selling beautiful houses.

what are you passionate about?

This question is worth asking because  the secret to wealth is to find what you really love to do and…then get others to pay you to do it .

If you want  fast track your way to become wealthy…you must find a job  that completely fascinates you , that holds your attention… that  is  a natural reflection of your talents and ability

Secret #3.  Self-made millionaires are lifelong learners.


Master philosopher and motivator Jim Rohn once said “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

In an editorial  article written by Fortune magazine on Bill Gates decision to step down as CEO of Microsoft…

his desire  to indulge his world class curiosity was cited as the main reason for leaving.

I was  moved by the article because… Bill Gates  one of the richest men on the plane  is an avid learner who would give up  power to pursue learning.

The same applies for most millionaires …they are  life long learners.

There is no problem or obstacle you cannot overcome if you apply your mind to finding solutions to your problem.

The fastest way to come up with solutions to any problem is to study the problem and find ways to solve the problem.

Continuos learning is the key to success in the 21st century.

You must make a commitment to life long learning  in  your business… if you want ever want to become wealthy.

You see, in order to become wealthy you must make a commitment to educate yourself about creating wealth.

You can  avoid all the trials and errors of  becoming wealthy if you apply the the keys  to life long learning in your  effort to  create wealth.

There are  three main keys to life long learning:

the first key is  you get up and read at least one hour daily in your field each day.

The second key to continous learning is to listen to audio ,take home study courses in your field.

The third key to continous learning is to attend seminars and workshops related to your  field of interest.

You see if you can apply yourself to continous learning about momey and wealth creation using these three keys , you’ll soon find that..

You’ll become more confident at making better investing decisions and…. you’ll end up becoming wealthy.

Secret #4.  Self-made millionaires grow their money.


Life is a struggle if you live paycheck to paycheck, especially with rising inflation and your monthly wage not rising in tandem.

Self-made millionaires work hard to have extra money to invest.

Self made millionaires grow their money by first increasing their income while reducing their expenses or keeping it reasonable.

The next thing wealthy people do is that they save a substantial portion of their income and let their money “work hard” for them.

They grow their money by investing in a side business, investing in stocksand share, and  invest in income producing real estate.

Wealthy people also leverage their money by letting compound interest  work on their money to produce more.

You can do the same. Start  today to look at ways you can increase your income.

When you increase your income try to keep your expenses low…then save an invest your extra income. That’s the way to become wealthy.

Secret # 5.  Self-made millionaires are willing to take risks.


If you read biographies of self-made millionaires, you’ll see many have made business mistakes.

  In fact, most millionaires on the average have been bankrupt 3.2 times.

What separates millionaires from the rest of the pack is this…

They never give up.

When it comes to taking risks millionaire have courage but they never gamble.

Millionaires take smart risk.  Most self-made millionaire learns to do things differently when they fail.

They develop resilience and learn to bounce back every time the fail in business

Here is why…

You see the only way you can succeed in any field is to accelerate your failure …that is fail, learn from your mistakes, and move on.

Most millionaires know that when you start out in business you’ll make mistakes.

However, they also know that the more you learn from your mistakes, the more like you’ll make money.

So, what they do next is to launch their business… start selling and keep on improving on their products.

Michael Masterson, bestselling author of Automatic wealth: the six steps to financial independence calls it … the ready, fire aim approach.

Millionaires become wealthy because they are willing to take risks…in a smart way when it comes to business…

They never allow their fears to hold them back from taking action.

You now have the secrets to becoming wealthy easily.  The choice is yours to make use of them to accomplish your dream lifestyle.

These secrets will become real to you the more you practice them.

If you’ll banish your fears and take action today…. you’ll never have to worry about money…because you have the key to wealth for a lifetime

To your success

Think and grow rich