Little Known Ways To Achieve Your Millionaire Dream-Part 1

Most investors start investing because they want to get  rich. However, they give up on their dream to build wealth.


Why would an investor give up on his dream to become financially independent?

The answer  is  many investors don’t know how to bridge the gap between their dreams and accomplishing them


Let me explain…

I want  you to think about this for a minute:  when you are hungry  you dream about eating food right?

However, you need to do something : that is  you cook or buy food from a restaurant- before you can satisfy your hunger.


In the same manner, you took action to satisfy your hunger- you need to take action-to make your wealth building dreams


Today, I am going to share with you: the little known ways you  accomplish your investing dreams


#1.  Apply emotional leverage.

Do you remember the number of times you write down goals and failed to accomplish them?

I am sure you can remember.

Do you know why you failed to achieve your goals

The answer is because when you wrote down your goals: you did not write your goals with strong feelings.


You need emotional leverage to make your dreams come true. Because what you think about with feeling becomes your reality.

Your emotion fires you up, so you keep on aiming towards your dreams.

The way to apply emotional leverage is… by asking yourself these 3 questions

  • What do you really want to achieve by setting this goal?
  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  • What will the picture be when you accomplish this goal?

Lets use these 3-point questions  to a create a wealth building plan.


Dream– To become a millionaire and retires early.


What do you want to achieve  becoming a millionaire:  To have  freedom and time to spend with your loved ones.


Why must you achieve this goal?  

Answer: Because you want, be in charge of your life. You do not want to rely on social security to take of you.


What will the picture look like when you have achieved your dream

Answer: You will spend more time traveling on vacations. You will   give more to charity


You can see how asking these three questions created  an emotional picture in your heart.


The more you can attach an emotional string to your goal, the higher the possibility you can achieve the goal.


Next time you think about your dreams, use these three questions to make it more likely to accomplish them


#2. Develop a high definition plan


I have a game on my IPod – a safari hunting game.  In order to win the game, you need to shoot big animals and score enough points to qualify for the next level.

The secret to winning the game is shoot heavy animals so that you can score high points.

In order to achieve a good kill you need to kill the animal at first shot . You can only achieve good shots by adjusting your focus with-the binoculars on your hunting rifle.


The same principle applies to setting goals. You need to break them down into little steps. 

Then you break your goals into smaller steps with-high definition plans.


By developing a high definition plan, you can maintain laser beam focus on your achieving your dreams. 

You remove distractions and keep on moving one step at a time towards your dreams.

Let me explain the step with  the wealth building plan we looked at earlier:


Dream:  develop a net worth of  $2 million in the next 10 years


Goal:  To generate $500,000  yearly at retirement from investing in stocks, real estate and owning a small business

In order to achieve this you need a high definition plan like:

Your High definition plan

  • Focus on developing financially valued skills, joint ventures and buying below market real estate assets.

 Your Yearly Plan.

  •  Find and invest in real estate  opportunities in my local area
  • Start  a side business with my present knowledge
  • Find a coach and mentor to support my plan

Weekly plan

  • Look at real estate deals and analyze potential properties weekly
  • Spend time networking with potential partners and customers
  • Develop marketing plan for your business
  • Start making sales


You can see that I have broken down the goals into small steps so you can focus on achieving them.

The secret to achieving your  dreams is to set goals and  apply emotional leverage.

When you have developed a goal you are fired up to achieve then you create laser-focused plans to work on accomplishing them

To your success