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Think and Grow Rich: 3 Steps To Transform Desire To Build Wealth

How do you develop faith in yourself so that you can transform your desire to build wealth into  tangible riches?

The answer is simple. You develop faith by taking your desire to build wealth into a magnificent obsession and make it come true.

Let me explain how you can transform a desire to build wealth into riches-with a metaphor of traveling on a vacation to New York City

I want you to think back at the last time you took a vacation with your family or friends

Do you remember how the whole idea of taking a vacation started?

For example if your destination was New York, it probably started with a wish to visit and sight-see New York City.

You then started looking at flights to New York, the top ten sights to see in New York, then at accommodations, theaters, museums and the list goes on.

You can see it all started with dreaming about vacationing in New York.

You gave no thought to how much the trip will cost you. All you thought of was staying in New York City.

As the days drew closer for your planned vacation, everyone grew excited about the vacation.

The conversation at the dinner table will be most likely about what each member of the traveling pack would love to do on vacation in to New York.

The next thing you do is to start finding the cost of your vacation, and think about finding the money to fund your trip. Before you know it, you and your family are in New York.

You can see from my metaphor that there are three steps in making your thought of going on vacation come true.

The same steps you take to realize your dream of going on vacation also applies to dreaming about wealth and building wealth


Step 1: Dream Big

The first one is you had a dream: you cannot build wealth if you don’t have a desire to become wealthy. You must desire building wealth so strongly that it becomes your magnificent obsession

You must desire your dream of becoming financially free such that ever day you wake up that-you feel as if you are already living your dreams


Step 2: Don’t hold back –write it down

The second step you must take to develop faith in your dream to build wealth so that you will achieve you dreams-is to write it down and continuously affirm your dream

Why? Because when you write out you dreams in form of goals you are “breathing life” to your dreams.

Many experts in the field of personal development agree that when you write out your dreams in form of goals you are 3 times more likely to accomplish it than someone who talks about his dream

The other benefit of writing your dreams down is that as you write them down you are building a neural pathway in your brain the links your mind towards fulfilling those dreams

Here is something more powerful about writing your goals: the more you write it down and talk about it the faster you are going to achieve your goals

In order to accelerate your dreams to make them come true you should make it a habit to affirm your dreams

How do I mean? What I am saying is that once you have written down your goals you should start acting and speaking about them as if you are already living your dreams

The last statement is simple yet powerful enough to make a huge impact in transforming your life if you accept it

For example if you desire to have build a net worth of $5 million dollars that earns you 10 percent income, you should write the goal down like this:

I now earn $500,000 from my investments in real estate, bonds and my business yearly.

Do you get the picture? You see by talking about you goals as is you already have what you desire, you are embedding in your subconscious mind the possibility thinking of accomplishing your dreams


Step 3: Take action

The third thing you must do to develop faith in your dreams of building wealth is to start taking action.

When you take action on your goals no matter how small the action you are likely to accomplish your dreams

Taking action is so powerful that if you don’t act on your dreams, and only do the first two steps –you’ll only end up deceiving yourself

The late Jim Rohn one of the worlds top self development guru says that affirmations without discipline is the beginning of delusion.

In other words what Jim is saying is that if you all you do is think positively about your dreams and goals daily without acting on them-you are only wasting your time

Most people are afraid to take action because they want motivation. The reverse is true. You become motivated when you start taking action

The reason many people wait for motivation to come is because they are ignorant of the laws of motion.

Sir Isaac newton says that a body continues in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force.

You see once you decide on a goal to accomplish you must act on them or else inertia – that is the procrastination will set in and you’ll never act on them .


The trick and treat formula for daily action

The trick to taking action is to write down your goals, then break them down into tasks and the start acting on the first task immediately

I use this technique everyday. I usually wake up at between 430 am and 5 am. For many people this may be a difficult thing to do.

Let’s face it we all want to sleep rest an extra minute in the morning. What I do in order to avoid going back to bed in the morning -is when my alarm goes off- I get up immediately .

I never set my timer to snooze.

I just jump up walk downstairs and walk around the house, pray and meditate. I never go back to bed. I make myself a cup of coffee and then sit down in my home office.

I look at my to-do list and then start typing out my article whether I have all the ideas for the article or not.

You see what I notice is that I become energized as I continue typing and before you know it I have written my article for the week.

The more I take action on working on my goals daily the more I feel confident I will accomplish my dreams.

Because I feel confident I am going to accomplish my dreams, it gives me a sense of meaning every waking day no matter what life throws at me.

Faith is the personal power you need to accomplish all your dreams to build wealth.

You can make all your dreams come true when you have faith.