Think And Grow Rich 01: Do You Have What It Takes To Get Wealthy?

Think and grow rich- do you have what it takes to get wealthy

To get wealthy, you must have a  powerful motivator.


Or else you’ll just be like many adults who wish and hope for financial freedom but never do anything about it.


I know because my journey to financial freedom only started when I discovered the spark that has kept me going on the journey to financial freedom.


It all started when I visited for the first time a British Airways sales office in my country.


The atmosphere I entered was fantastic.


The atmosphere spellbound me as I listened to the classical music  Lakme-flower duet while waiting in the customer service lobby.


On the wall of the lobby hung a 100-foot photograph of the British house of parliament with a London black taxi driving past. The Big Ben towered above the Parliament in the picture


As I sat in that office at that moment, I fantasized that I was the passenger in the taxi being chauffeured for a business meeting with the Prime Minister.

That experience at the airline reservation office was the spark that fired my determination to live abroad.


Fast forward to the present, I am now living my dreams. I have traveled to many parts of Europe, the United States of America and looking forward to travel many more countries in future


How was it possible for a 24-year-old medical graduate who earned less than $100 a month to accomplish his dreams?
The answer is simple. He had desire
Desire is the fuel for pursuing your dreams to becoming wealthy


In his book Think and grow rich bestselling author Napoleon Hill said:

Dreams come true when desire transforms them into concrete action.

You see a strong desire for riches is the first step towards becoming wealthy


Why? You see in order to become wealthy you must make the decision to pursue your dreams.


But how can you decide to become a millionaire if you don’t have a desire to be one? Its like you want to have a hot meal without first cooking the meal.


Desire is the fuel that will help you make the commitment to pursue financial freedom.


When you have a strong desire to live your dreams, you’ll commit to doing what it takes to accomplish them


We know that determination faith and tenacity will make your dreams to get wealthy come true.


That’s why I need to tell you about the relationship between desire and becoming wealthy.

Why is a desire to becoming wealthy important? Because when you have a strong desire to get wealthy, you’ll move from wishing and hoping to- actually taking action on your dreams.
Bestselling author Napoleon Hill, says that every person who wins in a mission must be willing to burn his bridges and pursue that assignment without looking back.


Napoleon hill asserts that it is only when you desire wealth to the point that it becomes an obsession, and then making definite plans to acquire it with a no-retreat-no-surrender attitude that you can get wealth.

I absolutely agree with Dr. Hill

But that’s just the beginning of your journey to financial freedom.
The next step you need is transforming your dreams for wealth into actually living them.