How To Stop Procrastinating

Do you ever wonder why you delay doing the important things in your business, finances and How to procrastination-image21513312relationship?


Why is it that you delay important decisions about your business and hold off doing things until the last minute?


Wouldn’t you think Procrastination is the answer, right?

You are right but to some extent.

Yes, procrastination is one of the major reason you delay and never accomplish most of your goals.


Does this mean that by eliminating procrastination, you’ll become action oriented…achieve more and become super productive?


No, you’ll not become more productive by doing more.


Why? Because the habit of procrastination stems from a deep unconscious way you act: fear


You see you procrastinate on the things you find uncomfortable to do and then only take action out of fear.


You see the instinct of fear is a part of us. It’s a protective reflex that protects us from danger.


Our ancestors were cavemen who did not have many tools at their disposal. They used fear for protection when they faced danger from deadly predators who could eat them.


We all have the instincts of a caveman even till today. What   separates the modern man from the caveman is the way they act when they perceive danger.


The caveman could see obvious danger. On the other hand the modern man has many stimuli he receives that it’s difficult for him to make a clear judgment of danger.


Your ancestors had to go out and hunt for food. A caveman made decisions on the field based on the fear of death when he faced danger


This type of decision making called fright-flight decision does not involve the higher thinking function of the caveman’s brain.


As a result, the caveman takes decision based on the need for survival. His decision at the point of danger is not strategic: because it was not well thought out.


On the hand assuming the caveman set out to hunt for food and gather sticks for fire…don’t you agree he will plan his journey in advance and take a path avoiding obvious danger?


Now you may be thinking how does the caveman reflex relate to procrastination? Yes, they are related.


Why? Because you see when the caveman comes in contact with a deadly predator he freezes…at that moment in time he is wondering if the animal has seen him. His heart is pounding as he scans the area looking for possible escape routes.


Now if, the caveman thinks that the predator has not seen him he will possibly do two things: he may hide under the shrubs and wait till the animal goes away.  On the other hand if he feels he is in obvious danger he’ll run for safety.


Now let’s now relate the caveman’s behavior to procrastination. You see most of the times when you procrastinate on your goals you are doing so because you are either afraid or you lack clarity about your goals.


For example, most people put doing their taxes until April of each year because of the discomfort of putting all the necessary documents together.


However they start working on their taxes around March because of the fear of getting an IRS audit.


Now I want you to picture the frenzied way you call your accountant and CPA in the weeks before the tax deadline approaches.


Now picture how you feel after submitting your tax return before the deadline for submission


I know how it feels. The adrenaline rush…Fretting tossing and turning in bed all night. It’s a roller coaster experience.


You’ll find that you are not at your creative thinking mode at the time.


You are like a junkie who has just had a fix from taking drugs.


This is not the way to live your life. Because you are not going to make any lasting change that will help you accomplish your goals.


This brings me to the point of why you must take time to probe why you procrastinate on your most important goals and business priorities.

The reason you procrastinate on your goals is because you are afraid you’ll not succeed.


You need to find out why you are afraid of working on your most important goals in life


Its only when you can find out what you fear the most and deal with them that you can really stop procrastinating.


You see once you start to live a life of courage instead of fear…you’ll achieve more in your business, relationship and personally.

As a result of not living in fear you’ll work more on your goals because they are what you’ll love to do


That’s how you stop procrastinating