The Hidden Obstacle To Your Wealth Goals

I want you to answer the following questions:

Do you want to be a millionaire?The hidden Obstacle to Your Wealth Goals
Do you have plans to become wealthy?
Why are you not financially free?

Well I know I have asked you some tough questions… I don’t mean to rock your boat this morning…

No, that was not my intention…what I want to do is to awaken you from your sleep and show you that you are probably doomed to fail at your effort at becoming wealthy

Let me explain.

You see if you ask 99% of adults in the United States of America whether they want to be wealthy or not they will say Y-E-S

However when you start to drill down and ask questions about how they intend to achieve their goals…. You’ll notice that most people will start to get defensive or give you a deer-in-a-headlight look.

The problem you have when it comes to accomplish your dreams to become financially independent is this: your belief

Your belief about wealth money is the hidden obstacle to your becoming wealthy

Why? Because your belief is the program or software that filters the way you see your world.

Your belief determines how you think and act in all areas of your life: relationship, career, and health

If your belief about money is wrong, you’ll always struggle with money.

For example if you believe that becoming wealthy is down to luck, winning the lottery or marrying a wealthy person you’ll find it difficult to believe you can become wealthy through investing
A person that believes becoming wealthy is down to being lucky will say words like “ if only I could win the lottery then I’ll_______” (fill in the blank)

On the other hand if you believe that the world is full of abundance, and you can prosper and become Rich [I must admit very few people think and have this belief]
You are likely to attend wealth-building seminars, read books, invest in real estate and be looking for wealth building opportunities.

You see the difference between someone who holds an abundance mentality and the person who believes in a lottery mentality is that they act differently.

As a result of the way, you think and act about money- that is what determines your financial status.

If your belief is the main obstacle to your financial success…the question then to ask is: how can you change your beliefs

The answer is not straight forward as you think … because I have been in the same situation.
I have read, studied and tried many techniques to try and break way from beliefs that can hinder my wealth building dreams.

There is one method you can use to transform beliefs that do not support your wealth building belief is to name the belief, find the benefits of belief and ask if the benefit is serving your need to become wealthy

For example if you believe that investing is risky, what you need to do is find the benefit of this belief: let’s say one of them is protection from losing money.

The next thing you want to do is ask: will this serve my purpose of building wealth? The answer is no because you need to invest to build wealth

You can see that by finding the beliefs that hinder you from becoming wealthy and getting rid of them you can- remove the hidden blocks that stop you from taking action to building wealth