The Secret Weapon To Overcome Money Problems

I will never forget the day I nearly missed travelling for a business trip recently.

I had planned my trip several weeks before the airline I booked my flight with cancelled the flight because their plane developed engine fault.


I had to make choice between waiting for the airline to bring a replacement plane or cancel the trip entirely.

I could not afford to do either… neither choice would help my business trip.


I took a decision to move ahead…thanks to a secret weapon I had in my favour.


What I had working in my favour is what separates the wealthy from the rest.


If you had this tool at your disposal, you’ll act faster on investing opportunities…. life will more enjoyable.


If you understood and know how to use this weapon you’ll enjoy…

more freedom to spend more time with your family, work less and make more money.


I will tell you more about this resource in a minute…. but before I do so…


Let me tell you how it saved a well-known billionaire from bankruptcy and financial ruin…


In the economic depression between eighties and early nineties,this individual was heavily involved in real estate development all over the United States.

He saw his empire crumble as interest rates skyrocketed and his lenders called in loans…

as a result he was indebted personally to the tune of $900 million. In addition, his companies owed $9 billion.


The only thing that saved him was because he had a bargaining chip most wealthy persons have…


Do know the name of this tool?


…It’s called multiple sources of income (MSI)




What are Multiple Sources of Income?

Multiple sources of income is a technology which will let you to multiply your present income by providing services to the marketplace…

beyond that which you are presently providing at your primary Source of income.
I first heard about this concept from master motivator and bestselling author Bob Proctor.


In his home study course on the science of getting rich by Wallace D Wattle…

Proctor concluded that the key to wealth is to develop multiple sources of income beyond your present income.


Bob is right because MSI is a concept used by almost all wealthy people.
I want you to think about this for a minute….


Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Le Bon James, Barak Obama are all well to do because they have multiple streams of income.
These people do not rely on one source of income.
MSI is not another job or a better job; MSI is not even a job.

MSI is an idea, which allows you to give service to the market in a lawful way for which you earn income.


The rewards you receive from each MSI could be minimal or it could be huge.
Your MSI should not interfere or cause you to lose your place at you primary source of income



When you have multiple sources of income, you’ll   be able to live better, work less, and earn more.


Now I was telling you about my ordeal on my last business trip….

I was able to buy another ticket for the trip because I had just received income from my rental properties…


My multiple source of income from real estate investing was my lifeline to make the trip.


I also told you about the billionaire who nearly lost his fortune but bounced back…  It was Donald Trump.


Mr Trump survived financial disaster because he had multiple sources of income from over 50 companies.


The good news is that you can start to build your own multiple sources of income.


We are going to talk about how to find potential stream of income in my next letter.


To your success