Think and Grow Rich- How To Overcome Distaster

Have you ever been in any of the following situations?
• You Missed your flight
• Your salary was not paid on time
• You missed a deadline for a clients assignment
• You felt like quitting your job

What do you when life deals you these lemons? Do you accept them or you make lemonade out of them?

For some individuals hitting a rough patch in life may be the end of their life. For example, I was reading in the news story of a French doctor who committed suicide because one of the contestants in a reality show (survivors) died.
This doctor colleague took the fatal choice of ending his life because he could not stand the pressure of critics and unwanted attention he had from the incident.

On the other hand, you will find that someone else in the same situation will respond differently.
For example, I remember the story of Donald Trump. When Trump’s business filed for bankruptcy, and he was at the brink of personal bankruptcy- Trump refused to fall into financial misery.
Instead, Donald trump renegotiated the terms of his loans with his creditors and bounced back to financial freedom

How do all these stories relate to you? The answer is easy. You see the key to bouncing back strong from a disaster is to have the right attitude

How do I mean? This means you must respond rather than react to bumps-in-the- road situations.
When you react to a situation, it means the situation controls you. However, when you respond to a stressful situation-this means you are likely in charge of the situation

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said that one of the principles of success that wealthy people, as well as successful individuals, have been that: they always look for the good opportunity in any adverse situation they face.

This is worth repeating. Look for an equal good opportunity in any unfortunate situation that comes your way

The whole moral what I am saying is this- when you come to a point in your life that things are not working as planned, – don’t’ complain. Instead, have a positive mental attitude- ask this question… “What is the good thing that I can learn from this situation?

If you can have the attitude that mistakes, personal disasters do not mean the end of life …then you’ll bounce back stronger anytime you hit those rough patches along the way of your career, business and personal life