The Steve Job Way To Success

Do you feel embarrassed when you think of mistakes, you’ve made in your attempt to actualize your business ideas?

Do you still dream that one-day you will become a wealthy person … and retire to a life of comfort free of to money worries?

You are not alone!

The truth about success in life comes from making mistakes. You need dreams to propel you towards what you really want from life.

Steve Jobs, Co founder of Apple Inc. an American icon of innovation believes that having a dream is essential to success.

It was the force of his creative genius that upended the media, telecommunications and music through use friendly hi-tech gadgets.

I am a beneficiary of his creativity because I own an Ipod, Iphone Ipad and Mac laptop computer.

Job articulated his theory of success in his commencement speech at Stanford University..

Steve Jobs speech resonated with me because of its simple a clear message about success.

The two things you must do to succeed says Job is to:

Stay hungry. Stay foolish

Why? Because Jobs believed that the past mistakes you have made. And you past experiences are prologue to your future success.

He said, “If you can connect the dots backward in your past you’ll see your future”.

You see this insight from Steve Job helped me to view my past mistakes and experience as an investor in a different light.

Let me explain.

You see when you are hungry for success…you’ll never settle in your comfort zone.

When you” stay foolish”that is you have an open mindset when it comes to taking on challenges-you’ll succeed at accomplishing your them.

You see a true learner is willing to make mistakes and learn from them. He does not equate making mistakes with failure.

In retrospect, this explains why I took the plunge to start my first side business with my first three months salary.

It was my hunger to become financially free that made me take the risk- to buy my first rental real estate. I  did so because I was willing to “stay hungry”.

You see It’s because of my desire to “stay foolish” that I took a home study course and pay for coaching lessons… so I could learn how to build an information publishing business.

I have not given up on the idea of one day becoming financially free-because I am hungry for success.

You see I don’t know about you… I am willing to do whatever it is to succeed. That is why Steve Job’s advice about success-stay hungry stay foolish -is my rallying cry for success anytime I feel stuck in a rut.

To stay hungry and foolish means  each day I wake up … I am energized to take the necessary steps… that will help me succeed in my career, business and test ideas that will- add value to my customers and business.

I know that, as long as I stay hungry and foolish… I will become a better person.

In a nutshell, the Steve Jobs way to success is this:

In order to succeed you need to have a mindset of making mistakes (stay foolish) and learning from your mistakes.

Never be satisfied with staying in your comfort zone (stay hungry).

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to be wealthy? then…

Stay hungry. Stay foolish