How Do You Spend Time Wisely? Set Goals


Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.

Carl Sandburg


 How Do You Spend Time Wisely? Set goals

The greatest mistake you can ever make in your life is to waste time and not set goals in the important areas of your life.

Why? Because your time is the only important coin you have to spend freely


In an  article published  by on goal setting,  a life without goals  was compared to a boat  without rudders.

Just like a boat without its rudders has no specific direction, a person without goals  has no clear plan for-achieving anything in life


I want to challenge you today about how you use your time wisely because time  is the only thing-you have to do all you want achieve-before your time is up


Bestselling author Brian Tracy  says that time is the raw material of life to which I agree. The real secret to time-the raw material of life- is setting goals to produce outstanding results


Here’s why…

I want you to view  your time  with clarity from the following metaphor…


I want you to imagine for a minute that the 24 hours of the day is like 24 gallons of milk.  

Now, imagine that every day you get these 24 milk gallons delivered at your doorstep.

You can do anything you like with the 24 gallons of milk.  You may drink it.

You may use it to make bread…

You can  give it to your friends… or  you can trade the milk for something else

However at the end of each day you can no longer use the milk.

You cannot store it or use it the next day. Everyday you get a fresh supply of 24 gallons of milk.  No more no less.


The gallons of milk in this metaphor is just like the time you have at your disposal each day. You can only be spend time.

You can’t store time. You can use time anyway you like.

However once you spend it you can never replace it.


The other important thing you must realize about time is that it’s available to all human beings.

We all have 24 hours each day, regardless of your age, gender and  race 


The question to ask then is…

If time is free and available to all, why is it that we have different outcomes with our lives?


The answer is simple:  What you spend your time doing will the determine your future


This means that you need to carefully examine your life so that -you are not wasting your time doing unimportant things




How do you spend your time wisely?


You can spend your time wisely when you learn to set goals and achieve goals

Why?  Because the very act of setting goals and achieving them is the master skill you need to succeed in life


The late Earl Nightingale, motivational speaker says that success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal


This means that you are successful-as long as you are doing what you consider-as important to you. 

For example you are successful if you always wanted to be a teacher and you are working towards becoming a teacher


There are some individuals who know what they want to do at an early stage of their lives . And they spend their whole lives doing exactly what they want to accomplish

Individuals like Pablo Picasso, Michael Jordan, Beethoven and other artistes fall into this group


However for the majority of individuals who for many reasons have not found their calling in life:  the only way to find life meaningful is  setting goals


The question to ask then is:

What do you need to start setting goals?


How do you set goals?


First, what you need to set goals is to have dreams . You need to have a dream of what you want for your life….


Then you set a deadline for making your dreams come true.  That is how to set goals

Why? Because a goal is a dream with a deadline


Once you have a goal- that is  a desire to bring your dreams-to come true, you’ll be able to work on your plan daily


Can you imagine what your day will look like if you had a goal you are working on?


I am sure you do.  I want you to think and remember the last times you had a deadline to submit a project. 


Did you have time to watch TV?   I guess the answer is no. 


I believe you focused your energy on doing the important tasks-that were necessary to meet the deadline


Let me now ask you the following questions:


Do you have a dream about how you want to live your ideal life?

Do you have set goals to achieve your dreams?


Are you working daily on the important tasks that will make you achieve them?


If you can answer these questions and work on the answers… you’ll never waste time

 You will never ever feel bored. You’ll find life meaningful and exciting

You will become successful because you are spending the “coin” of your life wisely


I will like your comments on how to spend your time wisely with setting goals