Tired Of Making New Year Resolution? Set Goals

How to eat the breakfast of champions


Imagine for a minute you had all the power in the world to create a world you’ll like to live in. …

What will it look like?

Where would you live? What type of car do you own?

What kind of house would you build? A mansion or a palace

How would you travel? Would you travel first class or fly in your own private jet?

Whom would you like to meet?  Presidents CEOs, kings, queens, and celebrities, right?.

The sad reality is that over ninety percent of adults in many parts of the world will die with their dreams unfulfilled.

Most people daydream and hope they’ll achieve their dreams and never do so.

Why do you fail to achieve your dreams?

The answer: many people fantasize about their dreams.

They don’t have the courage to take the necessary steps in order to live their dreams

When you can move from daydreaming, about what you want to living your dreams, … then you are a champion in life

The very act of making dreams come true is the breakfast of champions.


What qualifies you to become a champion? The answer is goal setting.


You see, when you set goals you are putting a deadline to your dream.


In an article published by the American journal of psychology on study done by researchers at the University of Scranton:

People who clearly write down their  resolutions are 10 times more likely to accomplish their goals- than people who don’t explicitly state their resolutions.


You see a goal is a dream with a deadline. When you set goals to achieve your dreams it means you are taking control of your future.

Goals help you become the master of your fate. Goals help you prepare the stage for becoming lucky.

Why? Luck means when preparation meets opportunity

When you set goals, … you build a foundation for your castle in the sky.

I want you to think about this …Before an athlete can win a championship, he must prepare for the event.

Goals help you prepare the stage for you to live your dreams

How do you set goals? The answer is easy. You set goals by writing down what you really want from life.

Goal setting means you are taking what’s in your head and writing them down in words.

Goal setting differs from making resolutions because it involves deliberate effort to focus your mind on your dreams.

On the other hand, New Year resolutions are statements you make … they are wishes you make

The problem with wishing and hoping is that they may take a lifetime to happen

You don’t want to wait the rest of your life to become wealthy, healthier and happier, do you?

Goals help you bridge the gap between your dreams and reality.

In the next article, I shall show you how to set goals on the most important things you want for yourself