Millionaire Mindset: How To Work Smart Like A Millionaire

If your main focus is on keeping your nose to the grindstone and working long,
hard hours, you’re guaranteed to get only one thing in return: Old!

Robert Ringer

How to work smart and become a Millionaire

Is the American dream dead? This is the question I ask when I see many people at the occupy Wall Street protests. No the American dream is not dead its alive. The new American dream is possible for any individual, and it is now possible on a global scale. The idea of financial security- finding a safe secure job, with guaranteed pension for life is now becoming obsolete.

Your college and MBA degree is not enough to get you a job nowadays. What will get you employed is- how quickly you can learn new skills and adapt in the market place.

The key financial freedom is this… how smart you work and the financially valued skill you have

To become wealthy you need to do what wealthy people do.

What do wealthy people do?

They work hard and they work in a different way from the rest of us. Most millionaires work on the average of 59 hours a week and more hours. Millionaires also focus their energy and time on work that will increase their wealth.

How millionaires work smart

You see, millionaires develop financially valued skill. Millionaires work hard selling their skills to the marketplace.

What are financially valued skills?

Financially valued skills are skills that generate profit for a company. Financially valued skills are profit-generating jobs that add to the bottom line profit of a company.

According to a recent survey by the bureau of labor in the United States, the top 10 highest earning jobs earn on average over a $ 100,000 or more.  The survey listed physicians and CEOs of corporations as the highest earners .The survey ranked incomes for mostly professional jobs. Jobs with financially valued skills differ in one respect- financially valued skills are transferable to many industries. Professional skills on the other hand limit you to one industry.

You want to acquire financially valued skills for many reasons…

Financially valued skills have high-income growth potential. When you have a financially valued skill, your income growth is not limited to cost of living increases. Businesses are constantly looking for people with financially valued skills. In economic downturn, companies will retain the employees with financially valued skill and fire the non-essential staff.

Businesses hire employees with financially valued skill because these jobs are profit generating. Profit generating includes CEOs, sales persons, people involved in creating products, profit centre managers-people who manage these people, copywriters and marketers. These jobs add to a company’s bottom line profit.

Why you need to develop a financially valued skill

At the beginning of their career, most investors have little money to start investing. To become wealthy in a short time you need to invest large sums of money to earn above average returns on your investment. You cannot follow the traditional financial advice of investing for the long term, if you little time before you retire.

You best shot is to develop-a financially valued skill-that will help you earn more, save more. When you earn more, you can invest more of your money and get wealthy faster.

How do you start to work smart?

The first step is to face reality about your current financial situation.  If you know, you are behind and under water financially, make a commitment to dig yourself out and become wealthy.  And the easiest way to increase your income is to develop a financially valued skill.

Next, begin to look for opportunities within your present industry to develop financially valued skills. Look to see if you can move to a department that has the kind of profit generating jobs I have mentioned.

You can look at enrolling in home study programs that can help you develop financially valued skill. You can pay for a mentor or coach to help you out. When you have developed your skills, you can then use your new skill to earn money as a freelancer.

That is the secret of working smart like a millionaire-developing financial valued skills and leveraging the income to become wealthy