Automatic Wealth- The Risk Free Way To Double Your Income

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Do you know its possible to… earn ten times more income than… you are earning from your present job ?

Yes.  You can double, Treble and even quadruple your income in less than 2 years without quitting your job….

That is if you know how to substantially increase your income


You can increase your income safely without risking it all. Moreover, the best part is that you can do it in your present job


All you need to do is to develop a skill set. A habit that highly successful wealth builders use to build wealth


You might be wondering… what is the skill set you need to have to supersize your income.


The answer is simple… develop financially valued skills


What are financially valued skills?


Financially valued skills are those skills that employers are willing to pay above average wages to  employees that possess them.

I am talking about  jobs that fetch an average of $100,000 or more.


A recent occupational and wage report by the bureau of Labor statistics reported that nine out of the top 10 highest paying jobs are in healthcare.

However, the article is misleading because it only took data on on base salaries.

Healthcare jobs require technical skills that take many years of training before the individual can start practicing their skills.

It takes eight to ten years to train a doctor.

So, I will not advise you go back to college to study medicine … you can save that for your children


In order to become a chief executive officer CEO you need to climb the corporate ladder.

With the economy in a downturn, the chances of climbing the corporate ladder are next to nothing.



However, you could easily learn  skills that can fetch six-figure incomes without climbing the corporate ladder.

You can earn a higher than average income…if you become the following jobs that have the financially skills that are in demand


These jobs include  the role of :

  •  A salesperson
  • A marketer
  •  A copywriter
  •  A product creator
  • And a profit center manager


These roles add directly to the bottom-line in any company because they earn money for the company to grow and stay afloat.


Imagine you are a business owner…would you not pay your superstar employees well? I am sure you would and pay more to keep them from poaching by your competitors

The greatest mistake you can make is  think that technical skills are the same as financially valued skills.

This is far from the truth because administrative and technical skills differs from financially valued skills.
You see…technical skills are necessary expenses your employer must pay to keep the organization running.

However, if your firm hits a rough patch, you will find that most firms will lay off most of their administrative and keep a little technical staff.


On the flip side , most employers will keep their salespeople, product developers and a competent CEO.

Employers keep these staff because they are important to help the company get back on its feet.


The fastest, way to double your income at your present job-is to look out for opportunities in your present industry-that you can develop financially valued skills.


This was the advice I gave to my brother in-law when he was looking for a way to increase his investment portfolio.


I advised him to find financially valued skills in his organization.


You can do the same. You just need to find those jobs that directly bring money to your organization.

Look for the departments in your company that are earning money directly for your company.

Some of the departments you should look at are;

  • sales and marketing,
  • product development and
  • profit centers (these are the department that sends out renewals for subscriptions and bring in more business from regular customers).


What to do next
What you want to do is learn the core secrets of how your company acquires its customers.

How it markets its products to them and how it does repeat sales to its loyal customer.

When you find out these insider secrets, make a commitment to learn these skills, until you become competent at them.
In addition, most important, you want to let your boss, know about your efforts.

So, if you are now at a crossroad about where you are going to raise money to start investing to become wealthy…

I suggest you develop financially valued skills.


To your success!