How To Get Rich Starting An Online Business For People Living In Areas With Poor Internet Access

Get rich starting  an online business Do you know you can get rich helping people with poor internet access?

Yes, building a profitable business in many areas with poor internet access is possible.

According to the world which monitors internet use, the internet average global internet access is 42.3%. This means that less than half of the world’s population has access to the internet.

The problem of poor internet access has attracted the attention of one of the world’s wealthiest men.

Jack Ma, the founder of, is helping rural Chinese farmers get rich and, simultaneously, opening up rural china to eCommerce. So far, Jack’s experiment is creating a new class of millionaires in china.

According to the business insider article, the opportunity to get rich comes from setting up online mail-order stores in areas where internet access is poor.

Jack Ma’s venture has started helping rural Chinese farmers get rich. One of the entrepreneurs cited in the stories has grown his business. The business generated $4.3 million in sales within its first year of start-up.

I believe you can also start this type of business in other parts of the world, including the United States. The only thing is you may need to adapt the business to meet the need of your local area.

I remember my younger years when my Mum worked in small towns. We had no supermarket within 50 miles. We bought all our electrical appliances from the cities. The television set and fridges we buy are two and a half times more expensive than the ones our friends in the cities bought.

Nowadays, I believe there are more opportunities for starting web-based business that can serve the needs of markets like my hometown.

You can also start a part-time business and build wealth with this idea of an internet mail order business…with a little bit of digging around in your area.

Here is how the business works…

The business idea is to look for villages and towns that do not have internet access. However, your target area must have a wireless link for cellphones. In addition, the area should have a drivable road network. Then you look for a few individuals in the area that you can team up with.

Your partners must be willing to learn how to use the computer. Then you provide a computer, and a wireless broadband link to start the business. A power generator or a solar panel are essential in areas where the power supply is unreliable.

Next, you train your partners on how to use the computer. Next, you set up a web account, and order goods for customers.

Once the web store is set up, you train your partners on marketing. And how to sell to prospective clients in the area.

The benefit of starting an online business is that your customers will access more choice goods to buy at a lower cost. In addition, setting up the business will help the area’s economic growth. The traffic and movement improve with frequent delivery trucks visiting the area.

Another win-win business opportunity you can start is creating an exchange where local businesses can ship goods to larger towns. You can set up an arrangement with the delivery companies so that the local businesses can send their products back to the cities for a low fee. As a result, local business owners can generate revenue by selling their goods to other markets.

As soon as the business start-up in one village, you can roll out the same idea to other towns.

There are locations in Africa, Asia, the United States, and Canada you can serve. This is because the markets are not large enough to be profitable for well-established companies. You can fill the gap for these markets as a small business owner with a start-up cost as low as $1500.

You need a car, a portable laptop, mobile broadband dongle, and leaflets. Then, research the areas and look for people whom you can off your services.

That is it you are now in business. What are you waiting for? Ready set go!