Automatic Wealth-The Fast Track To Becoming Wealthy At Your Job


WealthyDo you know you can become wealthy in seven years or less in your present job? I used to think it was not possible…

The truth is that it is possible to accumulate wealth in less than a decade…if you develop this secret habit master wealth builders use to become wealthy.


If you ever develop the habit I am going to share in this article, building wealth will become an automatic habit for you.


My disbelief about this wealth building habit turned to belief when I saw how it changed a close relative of mine from an unemployed graduate to a millionaire.


Here is my story…
I went to see my cousin Mark at his multimillion-dollar mansion some few years ago. His mansion stood out because of its red Spanish style roof. The house had huge gates protecting a white palace fit for a king.

I could notice the attention to detail in the way the mansion was built, as I stepped out of Mark’s SUV.

I congratulated Mark on his accomplishment of becoming wealthy over a short period of ten years.


Life was never was like this for Mark … he had grown up poor.


In fact, the last time we met… Mark he was broke, angry and frustrated…because he lost his life on a business… he started with two other friends.


I remember things were bad for him that he lived on handouts from friends and family.

However, things changed for Mark when he took up a job in the marketing department of a fledgling Italian Furniture Company.


Mark told me he knew very little about marketing but was open to learning.


Mark’s responsibility involved finding new clients and giving sales presentations. Because of Mark’s job, he oportunity to learn the secrets of making money in furniture retailing business.


He quickly became good at winning new customer, back-end sales. He became a moneymaker for his employers.

Mark’s employers were so impressed with his work that they made him an offer to become the marketing director of a new division in the company. In return, he would get a share of the profits for his efforts.


Mark jumped at the opportunity. He broke his sales target in record time within six months of leading his department.


It was at this point that Mark had his epiphany moment to start his own company. The rest is history.
You see Mark was able to rise from being an unemployed person to become wealthy in seven years… because he developed one of the habits of master wealth builders…


He developed a financially valued skill.

Let me explain.
Mark went from being an ordinary worker to an extraordinary employee because he was good at doing what mattered most to his employers – selling and making money for his company.

I want you to think about this for a second…would you want to fire an employee who makes money for your company.


I guess your answer will be no. I am sure you would do all you can to keep your moneymaker staff.


The next thing Mark did was to gain a share of equity with his employer for his efforts.


You see this was possible because he had financially valued skills.


Mark’s story closely go like the story of most wealthy people we know….

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft on the back of having a financially valued skill …that knows how to build operating systems for Computer hardware manufacturers badly need.
Donald Trump – built his fortune on the back of knowing how to build, market and sell beautiful houses.
Warren Buffet – built his fortune because he knows how to analyze and buy valuable companies

If you want to build wealth in a short period…. you do not want to rely on your 401K retirement plan, SIPP (self invested personal pension) to carry out your dreams



I will recommend you to start looking within your industry for opportunities to develop financially valued skills so that you can carry out your journey to financial independence.

One of the most powerful ways to develop these skills is to look for a mentor within your company.

If your present career does not give you the opportunity to develop financially valued skill…. start looking for another job…when you find one… walk away from your present job

Think rich and grow rich

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