Wealth Mindset-Why you Need The Right Money Emotion II

In my last post, why you need  money emotion we looked at  how your beliefs and ideas affects your ability to create wealth of any kind.

wealth creation has to start from the inside out.We also looked at why the be-do-have   concept is important.

I am going to show you today how to develop and adjust your mindset to prosperity.

Let me share with you a true story…

It was my wife’s birthday a couple years ago; I wanted to buy her a birthday gift.I went shopping and found this beautiful Grey 2-piece suit costing almost $400.

Now Jay is someone who comes from a working class background, she enjoyed of love at home but did not enjoy the lavish style gifts  or holidays you would get in an upper middle class home… you get my drift

Back to the  story of my wife’s birthday present…

I got home that day, gave her a kiss and the present… you could see the excitement and gratitude on her face. She hugged me and we had a nice dinner party.

I thought that was the end of the matter…until she woke me up 2 days after…

“Akin I want to thank you for the beautiful suit”  .Ok I replied trying to figure out what she was thinking …

Then the bombshell….”I will have to reject it”…Why do you want to refuse? I said… feeling crushed.

She replied, “I don’t feel comfortable wearing a $400 suit” … here is what happened.

My wife was filing my receipts when she found the receipt for the gift. Her perception was she could not “afford” to wear $400 suits, she  still had  the belief of her working class background. I tried to convince her it was OK to have the suit but she insisted, I eventually had to trade the suit down to a less expensive suit and bought her some shirts ,saving $200 in the process.

My experience of buying a birthday gift for my wife was an aha moment for me.

It made me realize why majority of people, attend seminars on real estate investing, stock market investing and other wealth creation programs….and then do nothing about what they learn.

Dr Dolf De Roos, bestselling author, real estate investing guru and educator, developed a program Wealth Magnet, because of a shocking finding from …a survey on his seminar attendee. The survey showed close to 80 percent of his past students, did not implement the proven strategies taught at his seminars.

The problems you are will face today and in the near future, will the conquest of your inner doubts, beliefs-and how to transform your mindset to one of the wealthy.

Here are some useful tips

  • Write out your limiting beliefs about money, this is a very important exercise, because it allows you to identify your hidden blocks to accepting the reality to wealth
  • Go through your lists of limiting belief; choose the ones that you want to change. When I mean change, you want to have a score of 10 on a scale of 10. Giving it that score means you have very strong emotional attachment to its outcome
  • Now change the statement that comes to that belief to a positive one and
  • Make a conscious effort to write and say it until you begin to feel that way
  • Go to your local bank or ATM and withdraw $1000 or equivalent. Put the money in your wallet for one whole month without spending it.
  • Change your friends, if you find they don’t encourage in your wealth building plans. Start hanging out with individuals who are interested in building wealth… remember the mantra “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future
  • Before you spend money for the next one week, make a habit of asking yourself “will this make me richer or poorer”

This is by no means a comprehensive list, if you will start taking some of the steps you will see that in the coming days and month, your attitude to money will change. You will begin to see opportunities for building wealth, those wealth-building books will begin to make sense to you and you will start to take more focused action to build wealth.

Think rich and grow rich