How To Get Wealthy Buying Marshland-The Donald Soffer Story

Do you know you can get wealthy buying marshland? Yes, you can if you think like Donald Soffer.

The story of how the most exclusive area in South Florida developed ….is a classic example of how a wealthy mindset can spot an opportunity, act, and create wealth in the process.

The Fairmont Turnberry Isle and resort is one of Florida’s most exclusive luxury hotels.

I am presently staying here for a conference. It’s fantastic to stay where the rich and famous hang out!

The fairmont turnberry isle resort
Fairmont Turnberry isle

It is also ranked as one of the leading hotels in the world. It has an 18-hole world-class golf course.

You can practically bump into one of the Golf Pros while on vacation.

Aventura city has made a family wealthy and ranks as one of the most prosperous families in the United States.

Donald Trump has three luxury condominium developments in Aventura.

Mr. Trump is a shrewd real estate investor with a track record for creating value in the real estate market.

His investing in Aventura is a further testament to  Aventura’s value as a real estate hot spot.

How did this happen? …..because one man, Donald Soffer   vision to buy 1,000 acres of  marshland over

40 years ago.

The story of how  Mr. Soffer turned  1000 acres of marshland in North Miami into a  highbrow area is a classic example of the investing mindset……. which is having the ability to create value to build wealth and create value in the marketplace.

Turnberry associate Principal
Don Soffer

Here is what Turnberry Associates  had to say  about Donald Soffer:

Donald Soffer’s ingenious plan to transform a mosquito-infested swamp in North Dade County Florida into an upscale, planned community began more than 50 years ago when he purchased a 785-acre tract of marshland and sketched his vision on a cocktail napkin. Today, that parcel of land stands in the heart of the City of Aventura, one of Florida’s most prestigious addresses. Donald Soffer, son of Harold Soffer, was born and raised in the small, poor steel town of Duquesne, PA. Harold Soffer sold cars and appliances before starting a successful real estate and development business. As a young man, Donald strived to develop the “street smarts” he inherited from his father and combined them with a college education. In 1951, he left home to study and play football at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. After graduating with a degree in Economics, an interesting opportunity arose for Donald when he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. But his passion was in the real estate development business and he declined a career in professional football.

The good news is you can achieve  Don Soffer’s feat.

Here are  some actionable tips to get wealthy using  this great idea:

  • Make a list of possible areas in your city you have previously thought of as a wasteland
  • Ask yourself   how I can create  value out of ” wasteland.”
  • Look for role models or mentors to help you meet your goals
  • Many of your ideas  may not see the light of day,  but keep trying
  • When you find an area, spend time studying the area and following the trends
  • When you spot an opportunity, act no matter how small
  • Keep on trying great  fortune comes from  persistence

It’s about having  a wealthy mindset

Think rich and grow rich

To  a more prosperous mindset.