Wealth Mindset-Why You Need The Right Money Emotion

Money is usually attracted, not pursued.
Jim Rohn

There is something intriguing about money, and a lot of emotion attached to the mention of the word “money”.

What generates the emotion of greed, fear, murder and debauchery, at the thought of a currency paper?

The answer is not that easy…I think it has to do with the laws of attraction. Jack Canfield, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul, has identified how the emotional response to an event determines the outcome you experience in life.

He boils it down to a simple equation:

E+R= O

Where E is event, R is response and O is outcome

Dr. Robert Resnick, a renowned psychotherapist in California, originally developed this equation.

The basic assumption about this equation is…. that every outcome you experience in life; success, or failure, wealth, or poverty , poor health ,falling in love  or estrangement.. Is a consequence of your emotional response to events in your life.

James Allen, in his classic book As a Man Thinketh talks about the mind affecting the soul…in other words, your beliefs affects your financial destiny, rich or poor.  This explains why over 70 percent of lottery winners lose their fortune within 5 years of winning.

This brings me to another important concept…

Be, Do, Have…

Let me explain.

These three stages you go through before experiencing an event:

Inner perception, the being, and the actions you take because of a picture you form, the “do” and the outcome “have”.

Let’s take the example of winning the lottery ….  When a person wins the lottery, it is a have, however for him to keep the newfound fortune, he needs to change his inner perception about money, do what the wealthy do to continue to keep his fortune.

He needs to have the right inner perception, beliefs in relationship to having wealth.  If this does not change, the inner perception of money in that individual needs to be consistent with his outward behavior towards money.

This is what I think happens with majority of lottery winners…there is a conflict in their inner perception of wealth. Because they have always had the inner picture of being poor before they won the lottery, they begin to feel uncomfortable with their present reality… that is having lots of money.  Because of this conflict between their inner man and their present reality, they start to behave in manner consistent to what they feel comfortable being.  This is why you see many lottery winners go on spending sprees, gambling, wild living and eventually lose all their lottery winnings.

How do you respond every time you get a pay raise, or make more money? Do you have a conflict? How do you deal with your emotions of money?

I will love to hear your comments.

In the second part of this series, we shall look at how to develop or adjust your mindset to the reality of prosperity and wealth creation.

Think rich and grow rich

Akin Osho