Science Of Getting Rich- The Truth About Building Wealth Secret to Creating wealth

Do you know that to creating wealth boils do two things?

First you must learn how to see opportunity for wealth.  Next you need to focus on working on it till it becomes profitable

I always had a feeling that these two elements at were important in the science of getting rich.

I never understood were how much influence they had on creating wealth.

It all came together  for me on a recent business trip to Africa… when I met a wealthy doctor who revealed the power in learning how to see opportunities and using it to build wealth.

I first heard about this individual through a friend. He told me about how this doctor-a member of his church- had built a multimillion-dollar healthcare company over the last two decades from scratch.

Now when my friend told me about this doctor’s rags to riches story …I wanted to hear his story. I wanted to know how he was able to achieve such feat. So I got my friend to arrange a meeting with him.

I went to see him and what I saw amazed me…

You see he had transformed  3 acres of mosquito-infested swampland into a sprawling medical center in  the suburbs of the largest cities in Africa.

In fact, this hospital had developed it’s brand name that my Alma mater recognized it as a training center for it’s medical students.

How was he able to achieve such a feat in a country famous for poor roads… where lack of power supply, poverty, and corruption is a hindrance to starting a business?

I wanted to know…

He told me the secret to  creating wealth  boiled down to… developing the habit of finding opportunities . Then working on the opportunity to build wealth… by taking action

He described how he  saw the opportunity to start his medical practice . He said  he visited the area  and saw the need for  a health service. At the time the nearest health center was 4 hours away.  Most of the residents of the area had difficulty getting urgent medical attention when they needed it.


Fast forward to the present he now owns a medical equipment company, an air ambulance service and sizable real estate holdings.


The moral of the story is …that it takes recognizing an opportunity, focus and …taking dedicated unswerving action to build wealth.


What I have just told you is contrary to what Hollywood, and the media  tells us about the science of getting rich. What you hear and read in the news is the stories of instant millionaires, lottery winners and  celebrities.


The reason you hear about overnight millionaires and they make the news is …that they at the outliers to creating wealth


The truth is that you accumulate wealth one dollar at a time. It takes hard work to build wealth


You may disagree with me on this subject …


However, if you look at the Forbes 400 list: of the 400 richest Americans, you’ll find the average age of billionaires is about 50 years.


When you read about the biography of most millionaires … you’ll find one common trait: Millionaires take focused, disciplined action when it comes building wealth.


To develop the habit of discipline takes commitment.


Why? Because commitment  is the bond that binds your desire to create wealth…until you achieve your dreams.


The good news is   you can develop the  two secrets to building wealth.   All you need is to start with making a commitment that you’ll  learn make creating wealth  one of your top priority.


To do so you need commitment.


Here are a few tips you can use to develop commitment:


  •  When you find an opportunity to invest, make a decision to pursue it.
  •  Once you have made a decision to take action. Do whatever it takes to profit from the opportunity
  •  Create a roadmap on how you are going to work on this opportunity
  • Break your roadmap in to into steps • work on your plan daily
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Keep working on your plan
  • Never give up.

To your success