Learn To Invest and Make Money Using The Junkie’s Secret

The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.
-Earl Nightingale

Where do you expect me to get the money to invest? . This was the question I got from a recent conversation with a long time friend of mine.

Charle’s and I  have been friends from Medical school. We meet and talk frequently about investing and becoming wealthy.  I am  of the opinion there are always opportunities to invest, as long as you have the right mindset. Charles is the pessimist , he  always comes up with reasons why investing is risky . He is all doom and gloom about the economy. He sees stock market investing as risky and feel you could lose all your money investing in real estate.  The interesting thing is Charles  complains all the time  about how he is not  financially free…sound familiar?

Charles’ view and those of many others  on investing bothers me.. because of the enormous opportunity available today for wealth creation globally.

Why do many people including myself, fail to act on our investing  goals?

How  is it we  make plans to  start a wealth-building plan…but they never seem to get it off the ground.

How can we overcome these limitation and barriers to investing?

These questions bothered me and I kept on searching for answers… I think I found one…in a very unusual place.

I found the secret   from the   observations of  often reviled and denigrated underclass in our society…. Junkies or drug addicts…

I first read about these observations  in an article written by Michael Masterson.

Introducing the Junkie’s secret

In his article ,  the pledge Michael Masterson  identified  3 essential traits , that  junkies  tapped into to fund  their drug addiction:

  • They worked long hours daily compared to the average worker. They worked 18 to 20 hours daily
  • They worked with a single-minded focus.  Junkie focused on only one thing every waking day  … how to get the next fix and worked with only this goal in mind. In contrast, the average person would have a dozen interest and ambitions, which pull them away from their goals. The junkie is never diverted from  his goals
  • Junkies   have a deeper emotional drive to succeed in getting their next fix. Their desire is much stronger than you and I’s ambition to become wealthy. Moreover, because of this deeper emotional drive, they would do whatever it take to get going in accomplishing their goals.

The 3 essentials traits of success

If you study the lives of the most successful in America, you will discover they share these traits

  • They worked long and hard
  • Stayed focused on one goal
  • Made the necessary sacrifices to succeed

You too can tap into these traits , to learn to invest

The Missing link

I think the first two traits you can easily develop. However, the missing trait for most investors …is the ability to make the painful sacrifices to succeed.

Yes you can work hard, I know you can  set goals  to invest and plan for wealth. However can you make the necessary sacrifice to  save money, borrow money, find the right partners , pay or find mentor to guide you and help you achieve your dream  of becoming wealthy?

I f  you have read this article to this point I know you want to find the answer and the key is to…

Find the core desire within you  to invest and fan it.

Somewhere within you is a core desire to be loved, appreciated and to succeed.  It is always very strong.  If you fan the flames of your core desires, the fire will grow. In addition, this will translate to achieving the success you yearn for.

Listen to  your heart….why  do you yearn to be wealthy?   I know my reasons why…what are yours?

You have to find the burning desire within you to become successful. And you will have to use it to achieve your dreams to be a successful investor.

It’s damn hard to start a business, start saving up for your real estate investing, or to really break away from your past. The reason is that it is different. In addition, it requires you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.

If you want to achieve more than you have ever achieved, you have to be willing to do more than you have ever done before. You need to commit yourself to stay focused, put in the hours, acquire the necessary skills to become wealthy. You need to do that challenging but necessary task.

If you can tap into your burning desire, then you will become a success megalomaniac.

Do you have this secret? If you have then it’s….

Action time

Are you ready? Okay if you are…Pretend for a moment that your life, the future of your children and spouse depends on accomplishing  your investing  plan.  What would you do -if your life depended on it- absolutely positively to succeed?If nothing else mattered, (failure is not an option), what is it that you would do?

Now ask yourself, why aren’t you doing that?

You need to get your doubts, objection and fears out and face them surely.

If you can face your feelings squarely, deal with them fully and honestly, you will have overcome the greatest obstacle for many investors. You will find yourself achieving more, and you will surely end up living your dreams.

To your success

Think rich and grow rich

Akin osho