How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset

how to develop a millionaire mindset



Do you know you have all it takes to become wealthy? 

Yes you do. The only obstacle you have is that you have not developed a millionaire mindset.

Let me explain.

Imagine you own a red Bugatti Veyron that produces 987-horse power and accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.46 seconds.

You would imagine that driving this red million dollar car will be  fun … Right?

No not for you….because no matter how hard you step on the pedal when you drive this supercar .. you can barely do 60 miles per hour… with one of the fastest car in the world!

What an outrage !….


To add insult to injury…. you notice every time you are driving your Bugatti… a banged up 20 years old Volkswagen Beetle overtakes you on the freeway.


I can only begin to imagine how frustrated you’ll be…

I am sure you’ll feel you wasted money buying a million-dollar Bugatti Veyron… only to crawl on the freeway.


One day after several weeks of frustration you take your car back to the auto dealer. He checks your car and finds…  your car has no fault…

The problem with your car is your fault…. because you have been filling up your car with the wrong fuel. As a result the engine of your car was not performing optimally .


Your mind is just like the Bugatti in the story I have just described. You can either use it to your benefit or allow negative thoughts to work against your millionaire dreams.


Your mind is the most powerful asset you have in creating wealth. On the other hand  your mind could  also be the obstacle to your dream of becoming wealthy.

Your mind is your greatest asset for becoming wealthy…. if you know how use it


In his book Think and Grow Rich best-selling author Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve,”

…this means the only obstacle to your millionaire dream is you.


If you must accomplish your dreams of financial independence….

you must know how to use the greatest asset you have at your disposal-your mind to create a lifetime of abundance and prosperity.


How  develop your millionaire  mindset

The first step you must take to become wealthy is to change your mindset to that of a millionaire mindset.


You see, your mind is like the sail of a boat… just like the sail of a boat  guides where it will travel…

your mindset can also predict your financial future…whether you’ll ever become a millionaire.


How can this be?


The answer is simple… your mindset is like the operating system of your mind…. It guides your actions about money on a subconscious level.

You see you must make a conscious effort to change your mindset because your actions are as a result of your beliefs.


You see what you believe not what you see.


Your beliefs are the filters that affect how you perceive and take action when it comes to creating wealth.


 Change your thinking change your life


In order to develop your millionaire mindset you need to make a conscious effort to be aware of what you think and how you think about money.

If you make a conscious effort to be aware of your thoughts you’ll find … that you may have wrong beliefs about money, and creating wealth.

You’ll find out that your childhood and  environment you grew up may have influenced your beliefs about money and creating wealth at a subconscious level.


The key to changing your mindset is to find those beliefs that are blocking your dreams to become wealthy and replace them with beliefs that empower you.


You can develop new beliefs and change your mindset with affirmations.


The quick and easy way to develop a millionaire mindset is to use affirmations.

 What are Affirmations?


Affirmations are declarations that help you to embed your belief at a subconscious.


Do remember how you learnt the alphabets and multiplication table when you were at preschool and kindergarten?

I learnt my spellings and numerals by repetition …the reason your teachers wanted you to learn your letters and maths by rote  is so you can know them by heart.


In the same manner when you start to make declarations about your millionaire dreams you’ll be creating a neural pathway that will make your goals to become wealthy easier.


Here are 6 affirmations you can use to develop your millionaire mindset:


1. I am a money magnet.

I attract money. Moneymaking opportunities come my way.


2. I manage all my income with ease.

I am an excellent money manager.  I earn more than I spend.


3. I take massive actions to increase my total net worth every day.

I am committed and willing to take action to becoming a millionaire.


4. Money flows abundantly to me in all I do.

I live in an abundant world so I enjoy an endless supply of money


5. My moneymaking skill increases daily.

I earn more and invest more daily because my knowledge of creating wealth grows.  I am an enlightened millionaire.


6. I become rich by adding values to other people’s life.

I provide valuable society to the marketplace. The more I add value to other people’s life the wealthier I become.


I would advise you look at these affirmation…. Use them as your daily inspiration as you work on your goals to become wealthy.

You can also develop your own affirmations that you can use to inspire you stay focused on your goal of creating wealthy.


To your success

Akin Osho