Why You Need A Mindset Change As a Beginner Investor

The decision to become an investor involves a change in mindset

By this, I mean the way you think.

When it comes to thinking about investing the ultimate aim is wealth creation

I had the privilege of attending a Seminar organised by Michael Masterson, bestselling author   Seven years to seven figures: the fast track plan to becoming a millionaire, and founder earlytorise.com

He classified wealth as any activity or venture you invested in that gave you equity.

In order words wealth is a function of having assets, that produce income whether you worked or not.

Before we go on lets quickly look at what wealth is not…

Wealth is not…

Having high income

Having physical possession of luxury cars

Owning a self employment business

Your personal house

However, wealth is when

You have financially valuable skills…

Equity in a business

Income producing real estates

Intellectual property and licensing rights

Savings in the bank

Marketing skills

The important distinction about wealth is that you have asset that  add value to your net worth.

How does an investor recognize the subtle difference… by having a rich mindset?

Here is what my criteria is

#1 you recognize reality, that every time you become aware of investment opportunity- you have a chance to make yourself richer or poorer

#2. You have the emotion to take action and seize the opportunity

#3. You have the capacity to analyze the situation and make the right judgment

These 3 skills are important when you start as a beginner investor. They will save you from losing money, and give you the confidence to stay the course in your investing activity

Think rich and grow rich

Akin Osho