Little Known Ways To Achieve Your Millionaire Dream -Pt2


Your desire to become wealthy and live the millionaire lifestyle will remain a dream unless you take action to make your dreams come true.

Making your millionaire dream real is both science and art. I have talked about two little known ways you can make accomplish your wealth-building dream.

You can make your dream come true by applying emotional advantage and developing high definition plans  to your goals to becoming wealthy.

In addition to these 2 ways you need to add more ingredients to make your millionaire dream come true

Here are a few more ways you can use to work on your dream

# 3. Set aside time to work on your plan

Most of the people I know say the number reason they fail to fulfil their wealth building goals- is not having enough time to work on their plan. I think there is another answer for failing – it is because you   do not set aside the time to work on your plans.

It is a big a big mistake not to prioritize your time so you can have time to work on your investing plan.

The best way you can overcome time deficit is for you to  make a commitment to find time to achieve your goals. Decide that you will spend most of your time working on your most important plans.

Once you have made commitment to work on you plan…find out the your most productive hour in the day…and only work on your plans at that time. Never allow for any distraction when you are working on your important goals

We all have our magic time… that is that times of the day you work are at peak state. My wife‘s magic time is in the late evening.  I am an early riser and I am at my peak state in the morning time. I also work best when I have uninterrupted time.

The bottom line is you need to find your own magic time.

The next thing you need to do is buy yourself a planner or diary. You can also plan your time using your Smartphone – the most important thing is what works best for you.

When you have done this, plan how you spend your week, using a diary.

It is important to consider your other activities when you are planning your time. You need to take into consideration the following:

Your working time

Your leisure time

Your family time

Your sleep time

Your maintenance time

When you do this brief audit of your time, you should be able find time you can allocate to work on your goals.

If you find it difficult to find time to work on your plans- then you need to get tough on cutting out time you spend watching television, chatting on Face book, and tweeting. You must be brutal in your time planning, trust me on this.

In order to fulfil your dreams, you need to spend the best part of your time working on your goals during the most productive hour of the day.

#4. Track and keep score of your progress

Lord Kelvin, one of the pioneers in the field of analytical chemistry believed the only way to improve is to measure and analyse past records of performance in any endeavour. In a similar manner, you can only measure your progress only if you keep track of what you have accomplished so far …on the journey to your dreams.

When you keep track of how far you are from accomplishing your dreams-you can make course corrections to your plans along the way.

A simple way I use to keep track of my goals is to use a spreadsheet; you can create a spreadsheet from Word or Excel.

Divide the spreadsheet into three columns: goal, started date and completion date, you might add another column for comments – the comments column is reflecting on your wins, mistakes and how you intend to keep on taking action to accomplish your dream. Athletes, corporations and others keep track of their objectives …so why not do the same and succeed?


#5.  Have an accountability partner

I want you to think about this…. In your present job, do you notice how conscious and focused you are at work because someone is monitoring your work?

I am sure you are conscious of how you work…because there are consequences for not performing to the standard expected of you.  

In the same way, you need to find someone who can hold you accountable to your goals. The most powerful thing you can ever do is to report to someone who can hold you accountable.

 Would you like to look silly in front of your supervisor or mentor? I guess not.

You see, having an accountability partner helps you to stay focused on your dream. In addition, you will get feedback on your progress to your goals.

You can use your spouse, coach or pay for a coach as your progress partner. The bottomline is you need someone to check on your progress and help you focus on   realising millionaire dream

#6. Build a reward system into your plan

The journey to your dream could be challenging. You need courage and tenacity to finish your journey.  In order to keep moving, you need to find a way to reward yourself every time you hit a milestone.

For example, if you decide your goal is to get out of debt and you set milestones you can reward yourself each time you reach a milestone.  Your Rewards do not have to be tangible- it could be a hug or anything you can do to boost your morale.

Succeeding at any endeavour takes time. The fastest way to achieve a dream is to make plans to achieve them. It takes both   science and art.

Just like you need the right ingredients to make a good meal you need to have emotional advantage, develop highly focused plan of action, spend time to work on your plan, track and keep score of your progress. In addition, you need to find someone to hold you accountable and reward yourself. Try to add these ingredients to achieving your dreams and you will find one morning waking up to see your dreams come true.