Millionaire Mind -What Tina Turner Can Teach You About Wealth age 73 Ann Mae Bullock, may be the most successful and happiest woman alive.

Ann has sold over 200 million copies of her album, performed as a live performer and holds one of the highest gross records for a musical concert tour. She also has one of the longest musical careers

Ann Mae bullock aka Tina Turner is a legend and heroine. I watched her interview with Oprah Winfrey after her wedding to her long-term partner Erwin Bach and was awestruck at her never-ending optimism about life.

When Tina was asked about the secret to a millionaire mind, she mentions two factors: endurance and focus

She said her focus and endurance was the key to her wealth, happiness and good health.

What Tina turner has discovered about wealth and happiness in life is something you can learn and use to build lasting wealth for yourself. And leave an enduring legacy for your family

Why is focus and endurance an important trait for having a millionaire mind? The answer is that lasting wealth is built over a long period.

I am not kidding about this because according to Wikipedia becoming wealthy takes time . The average age of US billionaires 66 years .

Now it takes an average of at least 15 years for most millionaires to accumulate their first million dollars. In most cases, these millionaires lose their first fortune before accumulating another fortune.

So if someone is telling you that it’s easy to become a millionaire and live happily ever after, he or she may be telling you half the truth

Most millionaires failed many times in business and lost money before they started enjoying wealth they now accumulated

For example, Donald Trump lost a fortune earlier in his career from investing in real estate. However, trump bounced back and has accumulated more wealth than he lost

Another example of a billionaire who had early misfortune in business was Warren Buffet.

When Buffet originally acquired Berkshire Hathaway in 1977, it was a textile manufacturing business. However, Berkshire collapsed as a textile business because growing global competition made the US textile business unprofitable.

What buffet did was to change the company’s focus from a textile business to a diversified holding company that is now one of the most profitable and largest companies in the world

I have mentioned these examples to emphasize why you must develop focus and endurance

Lets talk about …

Why you need focus.

The most important reason you need focus is this: it’s very difficult to accumulate wealth if you are not making it your top priority

What you give attention to in your life becomes your reality.

Let me explain

You see the first step towards becoming wealthy is to think, plan and have a goal to accumulate wealth.

However in order to accomplish your wealth building goals you must take consistent action on working on your goals so that you can achieve them

Therefore if you want to accumulate wealth and become financially free you must focus on increasing your income, spending less and investing more of your income to get better returns.

In order to get wealthier you must concentrate your effort on doing the most important tasks that will help you achieve your objective

That is what I mean by focus.

What is the role of endurance in accumulating wealth?

Persistence is crucial because when you decide to focus on becoming a wealthy you’ll face setbacks.

For example if you decide that you want to become wealthy through real estate, your initial few deals may result in losses.

You may lose money in your early career, in business, and investing.

What separates a person with a millionaire mind and the unsuccessful person financially is that-a person with a millionaire mind has decided to maintain his focus on accumulating wealth-no matter what obstacles he faces

A person with a millionaire minds knows that at the outset of a business venture he is likely to make mistakes and lose money. However he does not internalize his mistakes rather he sees them as a learning opportunity.

A person with a millionaire mind understands that the faster he can make mistakes and learn from them the likely he is going to become masterful at becoming a master wealth builder.

A person with a millionaire mind knows that, with focus and persistence, he will eventually breakthrough.

Yes, Tina Turner is right because she has experienced failure and overcome her setbacks by focusing and persisting on working towards her long-term goal.

What about you? Are you on the path to financial freedom?

If you answer yes, I am happy for you keep working on your goals.

Now if you are not sure or you have lost focus on your goal of financial freedom I have good news for you. You can still make it

What to do now?

If you will like to start the journey to financial freedom… or you have made plans in the past but you have derailed, here is what you can do:

  • You need to regain focus by decide on why you want to become financially free
  • Next you need to set goals on when you want to become financially free
  • As soon as you have set your wealth building goals you must make them your number one priority
  • Spend a large part of your time each day on the things that help you accomplish your goals
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress weekly on how far you are to achieving your objective
  • Learn to accept good over being perfect anytime you start a business
  • If you are afraid of making mistakes remember that its part of the process of learning.
  • Learn not to internalize mistakes you make
  • Never ever give up. Keep working on yourself and your goals.
  • If you don’t feel confident about what you are doing study more, Seek the help of mentors