How To Be A Highly Effective Entrepreneur


One thing that almost no one knows about starting a business is you need to be an action-oriented entrepreneur

This means an entrepreneur must be willing to practically take decisive action to deal with problems in business.


Why? Because starting your business is not a walk in the park. 

There are many challenges you’ll face at the start-up phase of doing business.

However, to achieve success, you must develop a tendency toward taking decisive action.


Decisive action is a critical success trait that an entrepreneur needs to succeed


Everything you’ll ever do in starting your business and running it will depend on your ability to take decisive action.

Virtually all the successful entrepreneurs I have read about and know  have one common trait:

They have a willingness to find practical solutions to problems or situations  in their business


For example, Richard Branson, founder of  Virgin group, talks about one challenge he faced at the start of his Virgin Records label.

Branson had signed up Mike Oldfield a fledgling artist at the time to perform at a sold-out concert in England that had a member of the Rolling Stones band.

However, the young artist panicked on the way to the concert and refused to perform.

Richard Branson, sensing disaster at the break-or-make-moment of his career, quickly struck a deal with Michael Oldfield.

He offered to give him his Bentley if he changed his mind. He did. The concert was an outstanding success. 

The album Tubular Bells for two and a string of other successful albums from the sex pistols and the rolling stones bands made Virgin records the most prominent independent label.

Richard Branson sold Virgin Records for $1 billion to Thorn EMI records in 1992. 

A handsome reward for taking decisive action.


Before you start thinking …

“Hey, I am not  Richard Branson, my situation is different.”

I want you to know that Richard Branson faced personal challenges that could have stopped him from achieving personal and entrepreneurial success.


Richard Branson suffered from dyslexia, a condition that makes learning difficult for those with it.

Dyslexic patients have difficulty reading and understanding what they read. In addition, dyslexic, individuals find it difficult to remember and speak fluently.


Suppose Richard Branson and so many other individuals could overcome their handicaps to succeed.  Yes, you can succeed.


You can learn to become an entrepreneur who takes decisive action.

When you commit to learn the habit of  highly successful entrepreneurs who are action takers