5 Things To Avoid In Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Larry Elder

Goal setting is one of the master skills of success, for the investing mindset. the highly successful men and women in our society are very good at setting goals and achieving them.  Most people fail to achieve  their  goals for many reason. you should look out for the following reasons for failure in goal setting, and avoid them .

1. Avoid Procrastination.

When you are setting goals, you should make a decision about what you want to achieve.

The best way to do so is to have clarity about your your goals, you then you write your goals down.

by taking a step you avoid, the trap majority of adults fall into-making resolutions

2. Avoid setting vague goals

The greatest cause of failing to achieve goals is that most gaols are wishes. I often notice people set goals like “I want to be rich” this is vague because it has no clearly defined objective. a better way to set the goal will be “I increase my income to $100,000 by December 2010”. When you are specific in goal setting, you are causing your subconscious mind to go to work, to achieve your goal on time.

3. Avoid unrealistic goals

One the major cause of failure in achieving goals is setting unrealistic goals. I have fallen into this trap several times. An example is a person who is in debt and unemployed trying to set a goal to become a millionaire in 1 year! This goal is obviously unrealistic because he is in debt and has no income. Secondly, the huge learning curve this individual has to pass through is so large that he may not achieve his goal.  a solution to this problem is to break your goals to smaller achievable goals

4. Not following through on your goals

Lack of discipline is a big cause of failure in achieving your goals.  The major cause of not following through comes from m not being consistent in working towards your goals. A solution to overcoming this problem of indiscipline is to break down your goals into short term, medium term goals. You should then break your goals to tasks.  when you have broken your goals into small task, focus on spending your time on the high priority task

5. Not setting deadlines

a goal is a dream with a deadline. when you set deadlines for achieving your goals, you create a sense of urgency in your life.  Setting deadlines helps you work towards achieving your goals on time.

If you can sidestep these obstacles to goal setting, you will increase your success rate in achieving your goals.

Think rich and grow rich

Akin  Osho

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