How To Eliminate Obstacles To Achieving Your Goals

How_to_overcome_obstacles_to Achieving_your_goals

Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

Ralph Marston


Do you fail at achieving your goals because you feel you don’t deserve them?

For example, you always drive past a street where you desire to live in one of the houses. However, any time you imagine owning the house…you withdraw from the thought because you feel you can’t afford it

You feel you don’t deserve many things you think about because of self-limiting beliefs.

That is why many people set goals and never achieve them

What’s the solution to failing to achieve your goals? The answer is simple.

Do a self-analysis of the self-limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching for your dreams.


Best-selling author and one of the actors of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale, says There is an internal discussion between our desire for greatness and self-limiting beliefs.


In other words, Dr Joe Vitale believes we chase away greatness without even realizing we’re doing it.

Just think about how often you have dismissed wishful thoughts that crossed your mind.

I am sure you’ve had moments when you wishfully thought – “I wish I could” or I’d like to” … only to find yourself dismissing these thoughts without thinking more about them.

You dismissed your wishful thoughts because of self-limiting beliefs.


Dr. Joe Vitale believes that it’s possible to get rid of the restraints that hold you back from achieving your goals.

The way to break the cycle of failure in goal setting is, to take time to consider some of the things, you had thought about that you’d like to achieve.

Then look deep inside yourself to discover what stopped you from achieving them.

What made you give up on your goals?

What beliefs and limitations are holding you back from achieving your goals?


Self-analysis is what you need to get rid of self-limiting beliefs.

By doing just a bit of self-analysis, you’ll identify the self-limiting beliefs holding you back.

Self-analysis will set you on the path that will raise your self-confidence to the point you’ll start pursuing your goals


For example, maybe you keep on thinking about that big house down the road. You are drawn to it. You see yourself owning it and living there.

But immediately, you dismiss it as an outrageous thought. Nevertheless, it nags you every time you drive past the house.

Dr Vitale explains that when you feel like this about your thoughts, you should not shrug them off.

He suggests you do a little self-examination to find out what’s holding you back.


He goes on to suggest three steps you should take to do the self-analysis of your thought process.. to find and eliminate the self-limiting beliefs holding you back.


When you do a bit of self-analysis, you may find the following:

You want: The big house down the street

Belief: “My parents raised us to live within our means, and we never had enough money. They would think buying a big house like this one would be a waste of money.”

Reality: My parents would have loved to live in a bigger house like this if they could afford it. I can afford it.

You’ll see that once you recognize the hidden reasons behind your hesitating in achieving your goals …you can easily change your belief system and raise your self-confidence to accomplish your goals.


You can overcome the obstacles to achieving your goals…starting right now.

Do this exercise on your own with the following three steps I have outlined below

What do I want? :

What are my self-limiting Beliefs? .

What’s the reality? :

To your success