How To Set Big Goals And Achieve Outstanding Success


I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.

–Donald Trump

One of the fastest ways to break your limitations is to set big goals.


Does setting big goals sound scary? Well, it does.

When you set big goals, even when you know you have limitations, you are forcing your creative mind to seek ways to move you to a different level in your life.


Dr. Joe Vitale, Bestselling author of the attractor factor and actor in secret, says that the only way you can achieve a whole new level of success…is to break all limiting beliefs by daring to set big goals.


Dr. Vitale says to set big goals, you have to expand your limitations.  And dare to do something worthy.


Dr. Joe  Vitale says one of the questions you must ask when you get to your “dare-to-do-something-worthy moment is


“What would be the one thing so big that if you ever accomplished and /or achieved it, it would knock your socks off and make the world stand up and say, ‘holy shit! “


Why? Because it’s only when you set big goals that you can expand your limitations

I want you to think about this for a minute… the massive advancement in technology and prosperity we have achieved in the last two centuries was because individuals set big goals that broke through previously held beliefs.

Here are a few examples


  • Aviation started because Louis and Orville Wright broke through the previously held belief that human flight was not possible.
  • Bill Gates made personal computing a part of daily living because he dared to believe it was possible to do so
  • Charles Lindbergh expanded the limits of commercial aviation because he made the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927
  • Alexander Graham Bell broke the limits of human communication possible because he invented the first practical telephone.
  • Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin opening the way for research into the discovery of antibiotics that have vastly improved the quality of human life


 Eliminate self-limiting beliefs

You must first know how to remove your limitations to achieve big goals.

The first step towards breaking your limitation is looking at why you are not achieving your goals.

The most common obstacle to achieving your goals is your thinking and expectation.


 How many times in the last one-week you used the word “I can’t”?


I can’t afford to…

I can’t imagine…

I can’t believe it….


For example, you want a new car but know you can’t afford it. You limit your chances of ever buying a new one because of KNOWING you can’t afford it

Why? Your expectation of owning a new car is limited. You believe you can’t afford the new car

“I want a new car but I can’t afford it”


To break this limiting thought, you should consider why you deserve a new car. And let the reasons why you deserve a new car be the dominant emotion when you think about buying the new vehicle you want.

Here’s how you  could change your negative thoughts about  deserving a new car

I want a new car…


I can feel, how it handles when I drive it. How it smells, and what joy when I drive it.

The car will find a way to me. Because, in my heart, I already own it.

I will own this car


By turning your “can’t haves” into “can haves” by finding reasons why you can have them…you’ll remove obstacles to your limiting beliefs.

In addition, you’ll be able to break the eternal cycle of excuses that hold you back from achieving your goals.


The next step after removing the obstacles to your goals is making a new list of the things you want to achieve and then accomplishing them one at a time.


As soon as you have started accomplishing the goals that seem impossible in the past, start setting big goals.

That’s it


Why not dare to do something great today? Start today expanding your horizon and setting big goals.