Secrets Of Millionaire Mind- The Wealth Pledges You Must Make

Do you know that millionaires, on average, go bankrupt 3.5 times before becoming wealthy?

Do you know why most millionaires start businesses and continue working on them for many years?

The answer is this: A millionaire knows that to become a millionaire, you must commit to becoming wealthy.

If you don’t commit to making wealth building your top priority… you are just daydreaming about becoming a millionaire.

Whenever I tell my friends that pledging is one of the secrets of the millionaire mind…many of them are reluctant to accept the truth.

I am hoping you are not going to stop reading this article.

If you are not comfortable about making commitments…

…or you are hoping to hear a magic formula for becoming a millionaire…

Please stop reading now and look for something else to do. However, if you are prepared to hear the truth about what it takes to make wealth …continue to read.


You see, anytime I think about making pledges to do something important…I always remember the first career advice I had at medical school.

This advice in the preface of my surgery textbook turbocharges me anytime I am in a rut…or I fret about making decisions


Here it is:


To study the phenomenon of disease without a textbook is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all” Sir William Osler 1849-1919, Professor of medicine Oxford university


The moral of this advice: it is better to take action than to think about taking action


You need to do this when you want to move from wishing you were wealthy to building wealth.


You see, committing takes courage.

It takes having the guts to act despite your fear… it makes what you wish to take on a new life come true.

When you pledge to make wealth building your top priority, you move from wishing to taking action…

 You are taking charge of your future wealth by taking action on your wealth building.

You’ll move like a homing pigeon. And you will never lose focus until you accomplish your goals.

You need to do one important thing first before you pledge to become wealthier.

You must identify the areas you work on in order to propel you to accomplish your wealth building goals.

The fast track to building wealth  you can take is to  learn and do what successful  wealth builders do

Most master wealth builders do a combination of one or more of the following actions:

  • They have the plan to build wealth and stick to their plans
  • They commit to grow richer daily
  • They manage debt rather than allow debt to manage them
  • They count their money and track their net worth regularly
  • They save money aggressively and simultaneously keep their spending to a minimum.
  • They look for and develop multiple income streams

We shall be looking at each of these wealth building actions and why it’s crucial you also make them.

For today  I am going to focus on the first  wealth commitment  you must make if you  want to have the wealth millionaires do have