How To Start Investing

“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.”

– Ben Graham

Have you have ever wondered why you missed many investing opportunities in the past? … If so, you are like the rest of the population who wonder why the rich get richer-even with the present economic depression.

The main reason many people miss out on investing their way to wealth is …because most people think investing is a one-off affair…like winning the lottery… striking it rich with one stock investment…marrying a very wealthy person

My knowledge and experience of investing-tell a different story. In order to become a successful investor you should do two things-take actions by starting out investing
and   consistently invest your money until you become wealth

The greatest mistake you can ever make is to think that all you need is a home run to become wealthy.

The two thing you must do sound simple…yet many of my friends, family and peers do not do it.

Why Most People Do not Invest


Over the last few years, I have thought about…why many people procrastinate about investing to secure their family and financial future.

The answer…many people are not willing to do the hard work that is needs doing to become wealthy.

The other reason many people put off investing is the deeply rooted belief  of wanting to have something for-nothing.

In order words, we believe we can eat our cake and have it.

I want to show you how to overcome these blocks to starting investing.

If you can get what I am about to share with you… then you’ll no longer procrastinate when it comes to investing.

The secret to investing


Investing is like planting an orchard. You have to plant the first seedling then you prune out weeds and constantly water it until it grows into a shrub.

You then have to keep on weeding, watering   and adding fertilizer so the orchard can grow until it starts bearing fruits.

You have to start investing by taking the first step…that is you put aside part of  your income   for investing.

Most orchards do not start producing fruits in the first few years. Orchards could produce fruits for up to 20 years.

The same applies when you start investing…. You may feel that you are not getting results… however if you keep on investing your money …

you’ll begin to see results after a few years.

The 2 step plan to wealth


The most important step you need when you start investing is to take the first step and stay focused on continuously investing until your investments  yield results.

The last step is worth reading over and over until you get it…. start investing and stay focused…

because that is what separates the poor and middle class from the wealthy individuals…. and if you are ever going to get a shot at becoming wealthy….

you need to start investing and keep investing.

How to start today


Here is what you could do to-start-investing beginning today:

I want you to open an investment account starting today.

When you open your investment account, commit to saving part of what you earn into the account no matter how small.

Decide to never spend your investment money unless it’s for investing in stocks, buying a rental property …or starting a side business.

I opened my investment account within 3 months of starting work and I started saving part of my income .

 I started out investing in stocks and I invested in a side business.

The side business failed because of my inexperience…however the lessons I learnt from my first business experience has been priceless.

I took action every   day until I gained confident as an investor. I have also learnt lessons that have made me a better investor of my money

 The  key to  start investing is … to take action and keep on investing even when you feel it’s not working.

You‘ll become better at taking investing decisions about your money once you commit to start investing.

I do not if what I have shared will work for you…however I know that if you’ll keep on investing your money …

you’ll have more confidence about investing… feel more comfortable about your retirement …and you’ll be miles away from the poor house

To your success

Akin Osho