Top 10 Wealth Building Books You Must Read

Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins- Jim Rohn


Top 10 Wealth Building Books You must Read

In order to build wealth you need to learn wealth building skills.

The best way to learn a skill is to first study the skill and then practice.

Best selling author and master copywriter Bob Bly says  the best way to become competent at a skill is to… spend 50% studying…and 50% practicing the skill

The first part of learning about wealth is reading what successful wealth builders have written about wealth.

On the other hand you can also read the bestselling books on the topic.

The reason I recommend you read bestsellers  on topic is that …

the ideas in these books resonate with readers that are interested in building wealth…getting out of debt and financial independence

Here are my top 10 wealth building books that I recommend you read:


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon hill:

Considered as an all time classic in self development, this book is a study in success.

The books was written after 20 years of interviews and study of the most successful individuals by the author. 

Andrew Carnegie one of the richest men in the world instructed Hill to write Think and Grow Rich

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason 

This books dispenses financial advise through a collection of parables in ancient Babylon.

You’ll  learn lessons in financial wisdom from reading  The Richest Man in Babylon

Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattle. This book guides you on getting wealthy by the law of attraction.

The main idea from this book is that getting rich is as a result of doing things in a certain way.

In other words the Science of Getting Rich is an exact science

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The author explores the relationship between my philosophy and money.

The main lesson from this book  is that the way you think has a huge impact on your future wealth.

Kiyosaki does a beautiful job of relating how our thinking affects our future wealth with the stories of two dads.

That is why he called the book Rich Dad Poor Dad

Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.  This is sequel to the Rich dad poor dad book.

In this book the author explains in details about the importance of the your role in the world of business.

He talks about the concept of the cash flow quadrant. Which means there are 4 types of people who make up the business world.

The first two types of people ( employees and self employed people) are less likely to build wealth.

The second  type of individuals ( business owners and investors) are the ones most likely to build wealth. Because they have more assets than liabilities.

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant is a must read if you want to understand the impact of personal spending habits on your future wealth


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game Of Wealth by T Harv Eker. 

This book is a classic because when it explores the reason why some individuals get wealthy effortlessly.

And another individual struggles financially .

Harv Eker points out that the key to building wealth is to change your money blueprint. 

The author believes that your childhood and environment play a huge role in your attitude towards money.

In order to create wealth and maintain it  you need to learn to Master the Inner Game of Wealth


Ready, fire, aim: zero to 1 million in no time fast by Michael Masterson.

This book  helps you to understand the fundamental concept of starting a business.

The  author  shares his knowledge of starting and expanding over 12 businesses in the last 30 years.

The reason I like this book is that the author is a businessman who practices what he preaches. 

There was one big lesson I learned from this book : learn to take action even when all the condition is not perfect for starting a venture. In other words Ready, Fire, Aim

Automatic wealth: The six steps to financial independence by Michael Masterson.

This is one of the few book on financial independence that actually gives you a common sense approach to creating wealth.

The author gives you a down-to-earth explanation of how to develop wealth building skills. 

He uses real life stories to relate how to make wise investing decisions. I found some of the chapters on direct marketing confusing.

I will recommend you pace yourself when you are reading this book so you can understand The Steps to Financial Independence


Seven year to seven figure: The Fast-Track Plan to Becoming a Millionaire by Michael Masterson

This is a very good read  if you  want to build wealth quickly.The author draws on his personal experience and those of his proteges .

Michael Masterson reveals the steps you can pursue to accumulate a seven-figure wealth in seven years.

The book is packed with tons of tools you can use to increase your income, save wisely and secure your future wealth.

I have read this book many times because it is… the fast-track plan to becoming a millionaire


The one minute millionaire by Robert Allen and Jack Canfield

This book  is an inspirational book written as well as a practical lesson in creating wealth from bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Jack Canfield and wealth coach Robert Allen

The book has two sides to it which makes it an interesting read. The book offers an inspiring practical advice on building true wealth .

You will find The One Minute Millionaire  useful  whether you wants to become a millionaire … you are just planning to get out of debt and have enough money to live on without anxiety.


The  ideas in these books are the fundamentals  you need for wealth building.

The main themes covered include:

  •  Developing a millionaire mind
  • Developing a wealthy mindset
  • Delayed gratification
  • Savings and investing
  • Goal setting
  • Taking action
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Real estate investing

Most of the books are easy to read …but the older books: Think and grow rich by Napoleon. …And the science of getting rich by Wallace D wattles is harder to read.

However when you read them slowly or get the abridged versions…you can easily grasp the ideas in them

The ideas in my top ten wealth building books have helped me developed wealth building skills.

You may not relate to all the ideas in these books… however you may still find one or two useful ideas that may help you on your path to financial independence

Overall I will score these top ten classic wealth-building books 4 out of 5

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