Secrets of The Millionaire Mind: Why You Need To Take Charge Of Your Future Wealth

  One of the secrets of the millionaire mind is that they take responsibility for their financial life. A person with a millionaire mind never tries to blame others for his misfortune. He believes that he is in control of his financial life. He takes responsibility for his actions, learns from his mistake and moves […]

Millionaire Mind: How To Avoid Overspending And Debt This Holiday Season

One of the greatest mistake you make can make shopping on Black Friday is to overspend and start the New Year in debt. You must not fall for this trap that snares most adult Americans during the holiday season. You should shop like a person with a millionaire mind, saving tons of money you can […]

Secret of Millionaire Mind- How to Grow Richer Daily

The secret of  millionaire  mind no one is telling you One of the habits you must develop if you are going to become wealthy and keep your wealth is … learn to track your net worth. In order words, you need to know how to count your money.  Wait… before you think I am asking […]

Secrets Of Millionaire Mind- The Wealth Pledges You Must Make

Do  you know that  the millionaires on average  go bankrupt 3.5 times before becoming wealthy? Do you know why most millionaires  start  businesses and continue working on them for many years? The answer is this: A millionaire  knows that to become  a millionaire you must make a commitment to become wealthy. If you don’t make […]

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