What Is Your Financial Freedom Number?

How much money do you need to retire with financial freedom? Is it One million dollars…Or Two million dollars? The truth is many people wish to have financial freedom. However, when you ask them how much do they need to gain financial freedom… they will tell you they have no idea… or they have not […]

Real estate 101: How Start Investing In Real Estate

Julie Fine custom home building business reach a dry spell following the housing bust in 2008. The dry spell in her company made Julie decide to start buying and selling houses.   Julie started her rental real estate business buying affordable square single-family properties, which she rents in Texas. Julie lends money from banks to […]

Automatic Wealth- The Risk Free Way To Double Your Income

Photo Credit: LendingMemo via Compfight cc

Do you know its possible to… earn ten times more income than… you are earning from your present job ? Yes.  You can double, Treble and even quadruple your income in less than 2 years without quitting your job…. That is if you know how to substantially increase your income   You can increase your […]