Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing is one of the pillars for creating wealth. This section brings articles on how to build wealth through real estate investing

7 Steps To Starting Out In Real Estate Investing 02- Choose A Niche And Strategy

  Starting out real estate investing is like going to a chocolate shop. A chocolate shop offers you a wide variety of chocolate for chocolate lovers. A chocolate lover like my daughter could easily spend more money than planned because she had not decided on the kind of chocolate she wants. That is why I […]

Real Estate Investing 101-How To Avoid Buying Overpriced Houses

Let’s face it … we all make mistakes One the mistakes you can make in real estate investing is buying overpriced houses When you buy lesser-priced items like shoes, cars, and a service that you can get a refund in less than 24 hours. It’s not that easy to get a refund when you buy overpriced […]

Real Estate Investing 101-Why You need Rental Demand Before Investing In Real Estate

Real estate investing is one of the proven paths to financial independence. Most people start investing in real estate by buying single-family residential properties. Anyone can start investing in real estate…  provided you have a good credit score …and a commitment to learn.  The easiest way to start investing in real estate is by starting with investing in single-family […]

The Most Common Rental Real Estate Investing Mistake 01: Investing Without Safety

Why do beginner investors lose money investing in rental real estate? The answer is most investors don’t understand: that  rental real estate investing is like  a business Just like you need to stick to certain rules in business you also have keep to some fundamental rules in real estate investing. I know this for sure. […]

Why Location Is Not The Only Important Factor In Real Estate Investing

Have you ever heard the often-mentioned advice that investing in real estate boils down to investing in the right location? In fact many real estate gurus say that buying at the right location is the most important thing if you to build wealth from real estate investing I am sure you’ve heard it numerous times: […]