7 Steps To Starting Out In Real Estate Investing 02- Choose A Niche And Strategy

  Starting out real estate investing is like going to a chocolate shop. A chocolate shop offers you a wide variety of chocolate for chocolate lovers. A chocolate lover like my daughter could easily spend more money than planned because she had not decided on the kind of chocolate she wants. That is why I […]

7 Ways To Find Business Ideas You Can Turn Into Income

Are you stuck on acting on your business ideas?  Do you find yourself thinking about an idea that may create an income stream only to dismiss it?  Then a few months down the line, you notice someone has started a business similar to your ideas   I don’t know about you…I have been in all […]

What is the Easiest Way Getting Rich Buying Stocks?

  What’s the easiest way to get rich buying stocks? This was the million-dollar question members of the motley fool community asked a panel of financial experts recently The Motley Fool  is a website that provides investors information about investing in the stock market and personal finance. You will find  useful articles, tools and resources for making […]

7 Steps To Starting Out In Real Estate Investing : Invest in Your education

The main challenge most novice investors have starting out in real estate investing is how to take the first steps I faced the same dilemma 15 years ago at the start of my real estate investing career Some of the questions that I asked : what do I do first look for a property or […]

How To Find Time To Manage Your Part Time Business When You Have A Day Job

How do you find time to manage a part time business when you have a busy daytime job? This is a question that   bothered me until 5 years ago.   You see when you work over 40 hours a week at a job that’s at least one hour commute plus the stress of working in […]