Secrets Of Millionaire Mind- The Wealth Pledges You Must Make

Wealth builders make plans to become  wealthy and stick with it

One of the greatest lessons about building wealth is from reading Robert Ringer’s book  To be or not to be intimidated. 

Ringer believes that the key to success in life is to act and live your life like the tortoise.

He sums it up with his tortoise-and-hare theory:

The outcome of most situations in life are determined over the long term. The guy who gets off to a fast start merely wins a battle; the individual who’s ahead at the end of the race wins the war. Battles are for ego-trippers; wars are for money-grippers.


How does this tortoise and hare theory apply to building wealth ? The answer is easy. Most  true wealth are build over a long period…through compounding  of wealth

You see, the first step you must take is to know where you are right now. 


In order to know where you are starting from you must know your net worth. Once you know your net worth you can assess  how much wealth you need to accumulate until you become financially free.  Got it?


That  is the most important step you must take if you want to become wealthy.

The key to getting rich is making a commitment that you’ll…. grow richer every day  until you achieve financial freedom

Wealth builders make a commitment to pay off all high interest consumer debt.

Wealth  builder create  multiple streams of income …

spend less than they earn,

save more …and consistently  invest their money.

Most Wealth builders know that they may fail at the start of their journey.

But They never give up.

The person with the millionaire mind is willing to make mistakes… learn from their mistakes…. and keep moving forwards.

Wealth builders may make some detours on the way to achieving their goal.

However they stick to their original plan. They may amend their plan. But They do not change their plans.


When you make a plan to get rich…stick to your plan and work on your plan daily …  you’ll eventually become wealthy.


The reason why many fail to become wealthy is that they never move beyond wishing and hoping.  

 For other wealth seekers   who fail at becoming wealthy…. They let excuses and the fear of failure paralyze them from moving towards their goals

If you are in any of these situations above…

I want you to take counsel from the words of Sir Winston Churchill: Never ever, give up!


To your success


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  1. Michael says:

    Ok so who must I talk to about building wealth? How do I plan it?

  2. Akinniyi Osho says:

    Hi Mike
    I think the first step in talking about building wealth is to look at your past conversations about wealth
    This means if you are not building wealth at present…who are your advisers? Do you ask about wealth building from friends and family? or seek the help of financial advisers?
    From my experience of wealth building I avoid talking to my relatives..because most of them don’t have any idea. I come from a family where my parents were civil servants. My parents believe in job security. Business was considered risking
    The second thing I have done in order to seek advice about wealth building is read and study books about wealth building. Then I have attended seminars and joined online forums where other people who are interested in financial freedom talk about getting wealthy. I have gone for mentoring and coaching on wealth building
    I think if you start with one or two of what I have done you are actually going to meet and gain insight into wealth building
    As per your second question on planning to build wealth: My opinion is that you must determine whats your goal . then you determine how much wealth you want to accumulate and when you intend to achieve your goals. Then you start acting on them
    Here is a useful article on building wealth I have written on planning for wealth

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